Monday, October 14, 2013

this Little.Fish. likes to dance

our 'dance break' time in the kitchen

Our love to dance!  They call it 'dance break' and whenever they hear music they like, they break out!!  James like to do more crazy dance moves, and Hayden likes to do run in circles, spin around, or watch me dance.

I love dancing.

When I was in high school, my favorite dance was the Carolina shag.  It's the state dance, and our little school would hold 'shag dances' when I was maybe 7th or 8th grade.  When I was at Clemson, I took shag class & learned all kinds of special moves & partner work in shag.  We had swing/shag nights on campus, & it was just about one of the most fun things you could do.  I never actually took swing class, but lindy hop was one of my favorites!!  The swing out...  Just plain fun.  We actually had my dance professor come & DJ our wedding reception.  He taught a beginner lesson on swing dancing & our guests were able to dance along with us & enjoy the fun.  (just in case that sound like it's up your alley... Paul Hoke, Greenville, SC.  Upstate Swing)

Can I say that I love the show, So You Think You Can Dance? haha

I would like to declare: dancing is a gift.  dancing, the good old fashioned kind, is almost a lost art for some these days.  It may seem silly, but dancing is freedom.  dancing is art.  dancing is for everyone.  dancing is great exercise.  dancing with someone you love is bliss.  dancing with a friend is brings cheer.

anyone (besides me) love how early Gray's anatomy had their dance parties when they had a bad day??

If you need it, like I do most days, have a dance break.  Happy Monday.  ;-)