Thursday, November 15, 2012

hello November.

A little photo-download...  for sentimentality sake.

A date.  My husband and I.  actually occured- dinner & a movie.  Boys did great & adore their baby sitter.  This has been such a rarity for us in the past few baby-toddler years... must be documented.

My little guys at the zoo & meeting new friends.  Love Micheal&Kathryn!

Riding the train at the zoo is one of my guys FAVORITE things.  Love.

"Wanna hold hands?"

Unpacking has been way more fun for the boys than for mommy&daddy... but 2 months in & most of my morning sickness gone has helped us finally get unpacked (almost).

Hayden has truly taken over the house.  He now sits up at the table when he feels like grabbing a snack... or some of his brother's meal.

James my Halloween pumpkin cheesecake cupcake decorator.

My little pumpkin painters at work.  James may finally be liking art projects just a bit & Hayden just wanted to paint with water and eat it.

Our Elmo pumpkin by daddy & little sharks out for a Trick-or-Treat (sickness & all)

Happy Halloween little sharks.

Poor little sick shark & Daddy showing his love.

Pictures hung in our house: #1, #2, & #3, 4, and 5

Me & our littlest apple-sized baby rocking the boat.

My romantic&sweet&wonderful hubs bringing me pumpkin donuts & coffee after our kids were up all night.  I love him.

Our little sicky feeling better & chatting on the phone as much as his mommy&daddy  Hopefully, we can look back on it and say we've lived it well.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Somehow, James decided he wanted to be a shark for Halloween this year.  It may have been because of one of his bath toys, but whenever I would ask him, or suggest an alternative costume, he would say, "no, I be a shark."

well, ok then.  Mimi was given quite the challenge- or not!  I'm pretty sure these shark costumes will go down in 'costume hall of fame' for the Prose family.  The boys LOVED them, and we all had so much fun watching them run around.  The excitement&joy was precious to watch.

The little sharks debuted at our church's Fall Festival, where our group hosted the 'pumpkin bowling' booth.  big hit.

Me & my littlest shark.

This photo  I love it.

Shark Attack!!!

Little Hayden Shark -

happy. happy. happy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

gRowth sPurt!

Our little Hayden bug has been a growing machine his last two check-ups.  I couldn't believe it when at his 12 month check-up he was almost 24 lbs & measured around 29.5/30 in long.  Definitely explained why he felt heavy- at 9 months he wasn't even 19 pounds!!

I thought, well a height growth spurt will come next... and boy was I surprised.  He SHOT up apparently!  At his 15 month appt, he was almost 26 lbs (around 60% for weight) & measured 34 INCHES LONG.  what??  I thought it may have been generous, so I remeasured at home & got 33 and maybe a quarter, but 33 for sure.  He was over 100% at 34 in, and at over 33, he is just over 95% for height.  Way to grow little buddy!  I'm sure with all the walking you're doing, the growth spurts may quiet down for now (or you'll over take your big bro, haha!)

Love you little man.  Can't believe how BIG you are- blessing.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

We are getting settled in our new neighborhood.  settling in, in our new home.  making our new 'house' into the 'home' we want it to be for our boys to grow up in.  We are meeting our neighbors- finding out how truly, amazingly, blessed we are to have friends down the street for both my boys the very same age!!  We are checking out our local library & starting to enjoy craft time.  Hayden is becoming SO independent & walking all over the house now.  The boys are actually playing together- James has suddenly shifted from playing 'alone' in company with other kids to REALLY playing with them.  He even plays with his brother- pictured them in a 'book reading' foot fight! haha.  We are enjoying our new town's Fall festival & only shedding a tear or two of nostalgia for changing Fall colors while we enjoy the extended 75 degree weather which will bless our outdoor play for the next month or more.  We are finally adjusting to better sleep patterns (despite being sick) and daylight savings time has actually been perfect timing for us! (can't believe I'm saying that).

Its been a beautiful day in our neighborhood & so glad to have our new neighbors!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Lately, it seems as if my energy has been tapped by more than just these two wild & crazy guys...  yes, my blogging has gone by the way side as I have been juggling setting up a new house, keeping it clean, organizing ourselves for normalcy, & feeling a bit sick.

You may have guessed it from the absence of my blogging..



Not a momma of TWO anymore... but soon to be THREE little Proses! (had to have a new hair do for our big news! ;-)

Baby Prose #3 due May 1, 2013!!  Looking forward to the news of our baby's gender coming up in just under 2 weeks!  Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us...  boy or girl, either way will really change our lives, for the better.