Friday, June 29, 2012

summer time cold. yikes!!

Our summer cold.  It started so innocently on Father's day... and just kept on & on & on.

We have been home bodies for just over a week.  Yikes!!  Talk about a serious bummer.  We had the runny, green noses.  running humidifiers, chest rub, nose bulb syringe.  We had sinus headaches, tissues by the stack, aches & chills.  We had bedtime calls for 'boogies mommy'.  We had lots of snuggles.

We had popsicle time outside after nap time to help get some sunshine and hoping to dry up our runny noses.

We had lots of play time inside.  Grammy called us because she hadn't seen new pictures up of the boys in a few days... yes we were still here!  just not photographable. ;-)

We stayed in our pjs all day.

We even wrapped up in blanket 'burritos' for fun.  James was so silly.  "bee-dough Daddy, bee-dough!"

Hayden got some iPad time with Daddy.  not really sure how this happened, because James usually jumps up in Daddy's lap too.

But, we made it!!  We are finally well, and so glad.  Thanks for not forgetting us.

Hayden is 11 months old- wow!

My little guy is getting so big.  He seems to have hit quite the growth spurt, and I can't wait to see how big he is when he visits the dr. next time.  We have our suspicions that he may be close to 30 in (wow) and I'm sure over 20 pounds.  I love watching him grow.  

What a ham.  This fella is the happiest, goofiest, guy around.  I just love him to death.  We like to read stories together, he loves to give big kisses and wrap his little arms around my neck in baby hugs.  He doesn't love sleep as much as I would hope, but he may just not need as much as his bro did at this age. I love it when he spoils me and sleeps in past 7 am!!

Can't believe he's swinging in the big swing.  Both Hayden & James just look so tall to me in these pictures!

holding hands.  sliding together.  such a gift to see them enjoying each other.  Hayden loves to tackle James.  He will follow James from room to room, through the tunnel in James' room, in and out of the playroom, all over the house.  This guy has rarely gone out on his own thus far.  every now and then he surprises me!

Hayden, you can take your time learning to walk.  ;-)  no rush from mommy.  He walks now pretty well with his woodpecker walker.  He will hold my hands and walk, and he cruises all over the furniture, object to object, and is getting really fast going around the train table chasing trains with James.  hilarious.

Getting so excited for your 1st birthday Hayden.  Mommy is having so much fun planning your 'hungry caterpillar' birthday party and making the decorations myself!  definitely a labor of love, because my efforts are far from perfect, but oh, how I'm learning to treasure the efforts and just to go for it!!  (how bad could it really be, right?? haha)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

summa time.

Happy Father's Day

We got to make some fun crafts to celebrate Father's day with Matt (as well as our Dads).  Anyone who knows me can tell you that I'm not a super crafty person- easily stressed out by creative environments- overly concerned with visions of grandeur- usually disappointed.  This particular adventure was starting out poorly because my son is apparently a lot like me.  Not that interested in painting, yes I"m serious.  I even tried to show him that he could finger paint (yikes!) but he wasn't interested.  I was surprised.

Change of plan: got with it.  I was totally freed up by the release of my own expectations for what I could create, and James had more fun as well (it's always more fun when Mommy isn't stressing out).  James painted. I outlined. Hayden contributed his foot. (and the awesome staff at Bisque and Beads did the writing on the cup- yes, stress relief!).  THAT is was I call teamwork.

I was very happy with our results.  memories were made; little hands & feet were captured in time; loved ones were celebrated; joy was given/received/shared.

I am so grateful for my boys' daddy.  Happy Father's day.

Thank you pinterest for always giving me just enough inspiration to confidently pursue a craft.  I am not the creative mind behind the concept, but I was pretty proud of my results.

Monday, June 18, 2012

not much going on.

These days we don't have too much going on.  ha.  We are planning Hayden's 1st birthday party... we are getting things together for our family pictures with my AMAZING friend Dana Andreasson of  Can't wait!!

We have teeth coming in...

This makes 8.  Four top, four bottom.  (James only had 7 at his 1st birthday, so Hayden is ahead on teeth count!)

We are TYING to learn the difference between quiet and LOUD.  James is such an amazing, boistrous little fella.  He runs through life.  He has a hard time using his quiet voice, but he's getting there. ;-)

We had to take wild man here for his 4th hair cut... Before:


We got to make some special gifts for Daddy, Grandpa, & Papa for Father's day.  I'm not the craftiest woman on the planet, I'm pretty sure I could post my efforts in the next blog and be proud!!

Got to make another 'joy in a box' (I sent my Mom & my Mom-in-law each one for Mother's day) joy in a box for my awesome cousin who is a Carmelite nun.  Hoping she enjoys the encouragement of it and Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts as much as I do.  It is probably my favorite book of all time.

Lots more to come...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Popsicles with Daddy.

Popsicles with Daddy.  so precious.  absolutely sweet to see our boys sitting with Daddy having popsicles.  couldn't believe our little guys were so still.  Daddy we are so thankful for you.  for all your time.  for all your attention.  for all your patience & love & kindness.  for all you are able to teach.  Happy Father's day.  A great father is one who faces the difficult and the stress and the strain & finds love and compassion for his boys.  we are so thankful for YOU.  

Your little guys are so blessed to have you in their life.  and so am I.

And they love you.  and so do I.  ;-)

Happy Father's day.  I'm grateful for all that has been given to me by my father & his father & my mother's father.  I'm grateful for all that has been given to my husband by his father & his father's father & his mother's father.  How amazing- a heritage of love to pass on to our boys.  true blessing.  grace.

Monday, June 11, 2012


We have been excited for the day that our boys will be playmates- isn't that the best part of growing up with siblings close in age??  For those of us who had that, we know that every now and then in the game of life mommy has to call 'foul'...

Check out this nice little hip check.

But more often than not, they are sweet.  (I'm sure there will be plenty more 'fouls' to come)

Check out these little fellas and some 'tunnel time'

I love this.

best effort to date of mommy-initiated-boys-together-photo

"mommy play outsiiide!! mommy, wanna play outsiiiide...."

little bro riding big bro's bike- balanced all by himself! little feet are my favorite part, oh and that he honked the horn with his mouth.  yes sir.  that was the crowing glory, haha.  ;-)

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Cohen & Hayden.  double trouble.  Thank goodness he didn't teach Hayden to walk that day! ;-)  This picture was so funny- they are looking at each other, like "what are you doing??" "What are YOU doing?"

playing drums together.  Love how the filter on this one makes Hayden's hair look auburn!

catch me if you can....

James & Addison lunch date.  "Sit by Addison, sit by Addison..."

Sigmons.  We love you.

June bugs.

Ready to ride.... "open gate Mommy, ride bike Mommy..." my little road warrior with his shoes on the wrong feet. love.him.

James: "James sit by Daddy... James sit by Hayden."  such a goofy guss.  He normally sits on the end of the table so Matt and I can both reach him and Hayden is at the caddy corner- he essentially always sits by Daddy & Hayden but not as close as he would like. haha

Farmer's Market fresh: sunflowers & napkin basket for the table.  Mom, I had to follow suit.  We need too many napkins at every meal, haha.

My boys riding in the wagon.  I love it when James runs for his shoes and says... "play outside Mommy, play outside..." "Hayden ride too Mommy, Hayden ride too"

Hayden you crack me up.  (no child was hurt in the taking of this photograph) "How do you drive this thing??"

James jumped ship to sit in the adirondack chair.  Hayden was happy to wait on him.  love these two & how silly/goofy/unpredictable/fun/crazy/sweet they are.  My little June bugs.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A day with Thomas & Tweetsie

Took our boys up to ride the Tweetsie railroad today and low and behold....

A day out with Thomas.  Now, we thought, that's either great luck or we are in for a crowd!  Luckily, we didn't really have to fight with too much of a crowd, and they had all kinds of activities that our little guys really enjoyed.

We followed a scavenger hunt to win a free Thomas prize, which included taking our picture with Sir Topham Hatt, participating in story time, and visiting the Thomas 'stuff zone' where they have any and all things Thomas with which to entice your children. haha, but seriously, they had a ton of Thomas stuff.  We did get our little boys a 'Day out with Thomas' commemorative train car for their train table- couldn't help ourselves.  ;-)

James and the biggest train table he's ever seen....

Hayden pulling my hair during story time and absolutely cracking up.  James wasn't amused; he was trying to hear the story about Thomas.  Mommy & Daddy are having the best time in this pic.

From the Tent with Sir Topham Hatt, Matt & James got to watch Thomas heading down the tracks before our ride at the end of the day.  I love that you can always pick James out in the pictures because of his red hair.

They have a chair lift that takes you up to where all the little kid rides are located (contradiction in terms?? considering the safety measures taken on the chair = none).  Got to catch James and Daddy while they rode up... he loved it.  Hayden & I took the walking trail, which was WAY steep and definitely was my exercise for the day.

James' first solo ride. ever.  He chose the green boat, and rang that bell the whole way around.  Mommy & Daddy were only pretty nervous... no seat belt and he wasn't supposed to stand up.  He did awesome and loved every minute of it.

James' 2nd solo ride. ever.  He chose the black plane- emphatically- and thankfully did have a seat belt. It was a faster ride- which actually raised up.  Mommy & Daddy were only pretty, sort of, particularly, very nervous.  But, he did great & loved every minute of it.

After all that excitement, anybody would say that an ice cream cone would be the ideal snack.  And, anybody would chose this as the ideal location.  Did I mention that it was a high of 66 degrees with a nice cool breeze? wow, for a final hoorah, Spring, you out did yourself.

Had to take a ride on the carrousel on our way to ride the train with Thomas.

Getting excited.  playing in a wagon.  giving Hayden hugs.  playing chase.

Watching Thomas come down the tracks.

Hayden got to ride with Daddy.  This boy has to fight for his Daddy time... ;-)

Mommy got to ride with James!  This little guy had such a great ride- but caught a cinder in his eye.  He was so brave- got most of it out on the train and sat the rest of the way back so sweet in my lap while I held my hand over his eye so he wouldn't rub it.  Took him to first aid and wouldn't you know it, he let the nurse swab out his eye lid  with a q-tip and put in eye drops.  Didn't even cry.  Such a trooper.  Thomas was totally worth it.

James & Hayden were asleep before we even got the car started & pulled out of the parking lot.  What a fun day together- we love Boone/Blowing Rock and love the mountains.  Gorgeous weather and big mountains.  And best part: James, "look at that Mommy, mountains Mommy, look at that!"  Boys you were a joy today.