Sunday, November 2, 2014

October in Review...

Farewell October!  I am amazed that November is here.  On paper, it seems that October was a busy month for us, and you could tell the same by looking at the state of my house right now!  oi.  But honestly, we had a really lovely month.  We played Tball games twice a week.  Both the Proses & the Austins came up to stay & see James play, which was really great.  Matt was on call one weekend.  Made a day trip to visit our dear friends in Savannah (whom James thought we should go back to see for Trick or Treat - the princess costume was so lovely!!).  Both James & Hayden had pumpkin patch field trips at school that I was able to attend.  We drove down to Tampa to go to a corn maze with our nephews, Mimi&Grandpa, and Aunt Natassja & Uncle Mike.  Matt&I were able to attend the Young Life fundraiser banquet.  I helped throw a baby shower for my dear sweet neighbor & her baby girl due in just one month!  And... we had some sickness sprinkled in, spread out over almost the whole month.  whew!!

I had the privilege of helping to host a baby shower for the sweetest neighbor of mine.  Luckily, her lovely Momma, Sister, and Bestie (Yay Jennelle!) were awesome teammates.  We had a great time celebrating & enjoying the pink!  I cannot wait for that sweet bundle to be down the street.  Yay for a new baby girl!!

My Calvin turned 18 months old.  It's crazy.  He thinks he is big like his brothers, and shows me all the time.  He knows that after breakfast, he's supposed to go wash up, and one morning, I he beat me there & decided he should also brush his teeth like his brothers do.  So he's spitting into the sink, and I'm videoing.  This boy!!  We found a Hobbes tiger for him at Target, and James decided he had to have it.  Calvin is dropping his morning nap, and was down to 2-3 a week until he caught a pretty rough cold which put him back to every morning.  Next up: changing to a toddler bed?!?  No more high chair?!?  This boy carries the booster seat himself to climb up at the kitchen table like his brothers.  I suppose it's perfect timing that my mom helped me find the perfect kitchen table to replace our old one.  Now we have enough room for us all to sit!  Thanks Mom&Dad for my early birthday present!  He has really started talking & communicating with me about what he wants.  He's nodding his head & even asking for things in sentences?!?  He loves his shoes.  He loves having what his brothers' have.  He is learning to run.  Sweet fella, Oh Calvin, you surprise me everyday.

I couldn't help but take a few pictures of little Calvin in Hayden's shark costume!  We have loved these sharks more than any other costume, and they will continue to be a favorite.

Mimi worked her magic once again, and she made a special handmade costume for Calvin.  ((She made James' lion costume for his first Halloween, and she made sharks for both James & Hayden for Hayden's second Halloween.  We were glad that she was able to make something special for Calvin as well!! such a lovely childhood memory.  THANK YOU Mimi!!))

I loved reading Calvin&Hobbes the comic strip cartoons when I was a girl, and so we decided it would be so much fun for Calvin to be Hobbes, and I was Calvin. ;-)  James was Optimus Prime this year, and Hayden was Spider-Man!

Sweet little Hobbes!!

Papa came up to go Trick-or-Treat with us!  The boys were so excited to have him come as well, and we went to our neighbors' house to play, eat, and enjoy the evening waiting for the fun to start!

Our boys are so lucky to have friends in their neighborhood, just a few doors away.  Truly, a gift from the Lord!  These guys were a little hard to photograph that evening, but I spy with my little eye, Spider-Man, Hobbes the Tiger, Superman, Optimus Prime, and Batman.  They had a great time & were so excited.  I couldn't believe that Calvin was keeping right up with the big boys, running down each sidewalk to the next door.  He didn't quite understand it all, but he was in!  He loved it. :-)

Farewell October!  The writing challenge housed most of my pictures, and was a great joy to my heart.  My life feels so full of good things.  We have stepped into a time of stretching for sure - it seems to be more than I can keep up with.  But, I keep praying for diligence and perseverance to give my family what they need.  Not only clean clothes, supper on the table, and getting here&there on time, but more importantly sometimes, the time with me.  So many things compete for my time & attention, and I hope to be choosing intentionally & wisely.  Lord, spur us on. amen.