Sunday, October 13, 2013

a strong Little.Fish.

Nothing says 'strength' like a muscle-man pose & competition with your brother.


I am not surprised that many of my days (&blog posts) end up sharing about my weakness.  It is true- most of the time, I do feel.weak.  inadequate.  unable.  But, then I can open my mouth, get out of my own head, and say 'thanks'.  to my creator- for giving me this day & time & place.  However CRAZY it may feel in the moment.  and in that act of choosing to be grateful, thankful- I can become joyful, strong, girded up, buoyed.  haha, I love that last one - hoisted up & kept afloat!!

Thank you Lord for giving me strength.  Not the kind that comes from proving myself, but the kind that comes from submitting myself.  THY will be done, not mine.  and I can rejoice!  anyway.  no matter what.  Because, on the other side?  (of whatever is happening, big or small)  He will always be there.  He is faithful.  He makes me strong.

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