Friday, March 28, 2014


Ah, happy 11 months old little fella!  I am so blessed by you.  You are so easy to love & it makes me stop, and think about how to love others with the same ease.  Your eyes are full of light & life, and when you smile I can't help but smile too.  You're adorable.  Your first word this month was "WOW WOW" which just fits your personality- my little observer.  My favorite thing is the little dance you do with your head when you have your hands full of yummy things to eat, kind of bobbing it back and forth.  And the little humming you do when your paci is in your mouth "hhmmmhhhmmm".  You just learned to wave & even started to open & close your hands today.  We've had to start being very careful with your access to the stairs since you can climb them now(!).  You keep me on my toes sweet baby, and your brothers fight over who gets to play with you first.

My little passenger out with mommy for an 8 mile run!  What a good sport

becoming so adventurous!

"don't worry Charlotte, I got you"

"I think they're on to us"

This baby & his toes

matchy-matchy popsicle date with my little buddy


"hi mom!" & up on his toes!
My sweet fella is now 22 lbs & 10 oz.  Getting bigger everyday, but still such a snuggly baby.  Actually just starting to wean him & he may be my toughest so far!!  This boy is the only so far to crawl after me almost any time I walk away.  He's also our only real snuggle buddy.  He will initiate his own snuggles when he's sleepy!!  Mommy & Daddy both love his little head dropped into our lap or on our chest.  And this guy is still attached to his elephant & paci - and we are so grateful!  Sleep is still a bit elusive sometimes, and we get some social calls in the middle of the night occasionally.

Oh Calvin Dean, you make my heart swell.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

we beat the green monster!

All our training this winter led up to our 3rd time running in the Gate River Run!  It is the national championship for the 15K & such an incredible race.  beautiful, just a beautiful course to run.  Our boys were able to stay home with Grammy while we went to run- good thing too because it is a crowded place on race day!

our stroller brigade!

our run over the Doctor's Lake bridge

all my guys

picnic lunch day dreaming of race day!
My Dad was able to train for the Gate this year & complete his first road race of any kind!  Not a bad way to start off, way to go Papa!!  It was really fun & much less stressful to go with family & our friend Robert.  It helped us start off without letting the nerves kick in.

before splitting up into our waves
my right hand man
me! I beat the green monster!
I am so grateful to be able to run this race again this year, and I'm already looking forward to next year! My only downfall is that I continue to chase after the idea that I could finish in the top 10% and win a finisher hat!! haha, I am not really close to that dream, but it do wrestle with my competitive nature every time we run.  It makes me want to run faster!  We'll see if I can get closer next year.  This year's time was not my fastest, but I have had 3 babies in the past 5 years since my last Gate River run!  I ran 1:28.02 I believe.  And I am proud of myself.  ;-)  It is really the most fun race I've ever done.  Challenging enough to really make you train hard, but not so much distance that it beats up your body.  Who wants to come next year?


This spring has crept in early.  I love these simple moments captured in a frame.

Monday, March 3, 2014

my 2nd & 3rd Stitch Fix

I wanted to share my 2nd & 3rd Stitch Fix boxes, mostly because I was able to get them because of my girl friends who used my referral link!!  Thank you!!  (Click here to see my 1st Stitch Fix)  It has been fun to share this styling service & it has been so much fun for me.  And, I've found some great new depth to my wardrobe by adding in a few new pieces!

My 2nd Fix is pictured below: The leopard print infinity scarf, the maroon striped top, the black & white chevron skirt, the navy humming birds blouse, and the green skinny jeans.  This was a box that presented a challenge to me!  It all fit, but the skirt & navy blouse weren't a perfect fit.  However, I loved the look of the humming bird print, just loved it.  The trick about keeping all 5 pieces is they give you a discount on the whole box.  The discount is advertised as 25% off, but that is false.  They subtract the 'styling fee' of $20 AND THEN apply the '25%' discount, which actually makes it more accurately a '20%' discount on the cost of the box itself.  I actually emailed a complaint when I saw the total was $5 more than I expected (I know, a whole $5), and they explained how they give the discount.  Don't get me wrong, I still liked the discount- It would have been silly to keep the scarf, the maroon top, & the skinny jeans, but to send back the skirt & humming birds to save $20.  The discount made me keep it all.

I am very happy I did- all of these pieces (with the exception of the skirt due to weather) have been staples in my winter wardrobe this year.  It has been very fun to mix & match these with what I already was wearing!

Such great color, fabric, pattern, & easy style.

My green skinnies & a plain black T - easy look!  Love to throw on my Leopard scarf & my bag, ready!!

My 3rd Fix had two of my new favorites & one fence-sitter & two no-gos.  You see below: black & red striped Maxi skirt (my new love!!), orange button up cartigan, navy & white striped shirt dress (LOVE), bright pink flowy shirt, & poka dot chambray button up (fence sitter).  I fell in love with the skirt & dress on the first try.  decision made.  The orange cartigan fit well, but I don't really love wearing those as a top- I like to layer them.  This one was fitted & not good for layering really, so a no-go.  The bright pink was a nice cut & fit, but had the high-low waist cut.  That makes me alway wear a tank so my tummy doesn't show, which made it a no-go.  also, bright pink??  nah.  The last, the chambray, I WANTED to love so badly.  What I really want is a clean, classic plain chambray that I can mix & match with lots of other pieces.  This one had a cute fit, but just not exactly what I wanted, so I let it go back.  It was a good choice.

I just loved the mix of the gray cable knit & the striped skirt.  Felt so lovely to wear and stylish as well!

This dress- so flattering & a great cut.  It reminds me of how a wrap dress fits, but without the bothersome task of making sure your legs don't show to much skin when sitting!  This dress is button down, so I can nurse easily in it.  Basically it's perfect.  Classic colors & easy to layer as well.  Great find.

Thanks again for letting me refer you!  If anyone else is still interested in trying it out, please feel free to sign up using my link Stitch Fix.  Happy styling!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February in Review...

Oh wow February, you've come & gone already...

hangin' out with our neighbors
We got to take the boys to ride the carousel in St. Augustine.  One of our favorite things to do with them on the perfect afternoon for taking a drive.  These 2 pictures of Hayden & James - I just adore them.  Hayden really has Daddy's smile & is looking more&more like him everyday, but with Mommy's eyes.  James looks so much like a boy & I can picture seeing this big smile as he grows up.  Ah, so much joy mixed saying goodbye to the 'baby phase' of their lives.

Little Hayden looking like Daddy, but still very much like a toddler!

Check out this smile.
 Yes, monster truck mania has swept our house since James' 4th birthday party.  He got so many as gifts that we have quite the collection!!  Hayden loves the monster trucks too & we even got to go see the Ice Cream Man truck in person when Monster Jam was in town.  Daddy & James were able to go see Monster Jam live, but the rest of us stayed home.  It was quite the adventure from what I heard!! ;-)

Hayden next to the monster truck tire!

designed & constructed by James, all by himself!!
 Hayden has been coming up with the most interesting 'play time scenes' lately.  He is so young to be creating characters, switching roles, making his characters interact, and role playing.  It takes me by surprise!  This one he's wearing James' loafers & saying he's going to work with Daddy (who also wears loafers to work).  He's definitely one to watch.

Family selfie at the carrousel after a weekend of stomach bug, yuck!!

James pushing Calvin in the swing.  1st time.  He really wanted to swing him fast, but mommy kept a hand in.  Calvin sure did love it.  He had the best time!!

I was able to watch the IF:Gathering online & what a refreshing time.  We were all sick & really home bound for days.  It was just want I needed to sustain me & encourage me.  I am so grateful for times of encouragement & love being stirred up in my spirit by the topics.  I hope to keep an eye out for more opportunities in the future!

My sweetheart found the coolest Valentines' present for me this year - an antique pew bench for our front hall!!  I just love it & it is really fitting in nicely.  I finally feel like our entrance to our home is just about complete, yay!

Craigslist blessing.  Antique pew bench from outside Savannah, GA.  Over 100 years old! and hand made.

Captured this one of my two big guys getting picked up from preschool.  Big bro hanging onto little bro's backpack & just.joyful.  I adore having the chance to pick them up from school just for this welcome.

James put together his own Valentines this year!!  He was able to put the suckers into the cards all by himself.  Maybe next year he will even be able to sign his name!

We had the best surprise!!  A visit from our dear friends, the Webbs.  James & Anna Kate were born just over a week apart, and we were able to become friends just a couple months before they arrived!  Hickory, NC feels like a long time ago, but our friendship is so fresh & picks up like no time has past.  I thank God for friends who make me feel that way!

getting soo BIG!  It kinda blows my mind.

Our littles.  10 months & 18 months.


Middle man Hayden.

parting is such sweet sorrow!
 OH.MY.  We were able to celebrate the newest addition to the (extended) Prose family at a gender reveal party for Mike & Natassja!!  We had the best time helping set up the decorations & day dreaming about whether their new little one was a boy or girl.  Babies are just one of the sweetest things in life.

Natassja was absolutely glowing!!  Such a beautiful momma-to-be!
 I had a hard time choosing a guess about whether baby Prose was a boy or girl.  But in the end, I had to go with boy - boys are just so awesome.  How could I hope for anything else!??  The secret is out... BABY PROSE IS A BOY!! yay yay we are so excited!  I am thrilled to have a new nephew!! :-D

Matt & I were able to sneek away after all the kiddos went to bed at Grandpa & Grandma's house, with them there as the baby sitters.  We so rarely go out alone - it was such a lovely treat!  Happy Valentines' Day my love, cheers to 10 years of being my valentine.

We are so happy to spend Sunday mornings at Grandpa's church & having a picnic lunches before we headed home.  We are so lucky to get to stop in at Grammy & Papa's for dinner on the way!  Yay for Florida & being close to our parents.

 We don't usually get to all climb in bed together in the mornings, but it seems like lately that has been the trend!  I love to have a few extra minutes to snuggle & be close.  Our bed & our hearts are full!

Hayden, the most reluctant to be photographed!!  Poor middle little.  ;-)
What a lovely February!!