Thursday, February 27, 2014


Happy 10.months.old Calvin Dean!!  You are growing so fast & furiously.  It is amazing to watch you learn new things & become more adventurous everyday.  My favorite thing that you do, almost daily, is your little head-bobbing-dance in your high chair when you enjoy what you're eating!!  I have tried in vain to get it on video, but you just get this please-as-punch look on your face and you sway!  Aahhh, I hope I always remember that little dance move.  It warms my heart.

melt momma's heart wearing a baby peacoat!!  This was your brother Hayden's.  ;-)
1st bath with your big brothers!  CRAZY.  but fun.

Oh.Calvin. You are quite the climber!!  I laugh & joke, but you really aren't impressed with toys.  You'd rather climb the stairs or try to scale my dresser (using only the knob pulls).  Today you pulled up on the kitchen chairs, and then made a reach&grab for the table top!!  Who knows what you expect to happen next, pull yourself up using only your arm strength?!?  I am continuously surprised.

1st time in the sandbox!

1st time in the grocery buggy with Hayden!
You are the happiest baby.  You are doing more baby talk these days, cooing, and lots of laughs.  You laugh at your brothers quickly & easily.  You are so ticklish & we all love give your tickles & raspberries.  You are just a joy.

all 3 on Grandpa's back for a horsey ride! haha

FILLING up the bassinet
Your sweet romper from hOpscotch kids - your brothers love the blast-off-rocket-ship!

The fun of sitting with you to play.  The sweet peace of having my coffee & watching you play while your bros sleep in.  LOVELY sunshine waking us all up.  Hoping to capture this moment so I can relive it again in the years to come.

I have to say, of all the baby carriers I've used (which are many), my favorite for infants was the Happy Wrap (very similar to Moby but lighter weight fabric).  My favorite for after 14/15 pounds is the ergo baby.  I was fortune enough to borrow one to try out, because they are pricey, but absolutely loved it because it is just so easy to use & so comfortable.  I needed to return it & tried using an alternative one. I ended up with a really stiff back!!  Calvin is over 20 lbs now & we had to hunt one down on craigslist.  Lucky us!  Love it & so does he.

This adorable, big, happy baby absolutely lights up my life.  Calvin Dean, you are dearly loved.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

rebuttal for 'We can't be Friends'

I recently read this post about how one mom felt about the need to be 'presentable' in order to be friends with other moms.

I have many girl friends who loved this post & shared it & resonated with it I'm sure.

After rolling it around in my own head I wanted to share my thoughts  - about our need to be 'presentable' to others & what we really have to offer each other.

First, let's talk about having a 'clean house'.  Do I have one?  At this moment, for the first time in a week, all our toys in the playroom are not all over our house & have been put away.  I have a waxing & waning relationship with my diligence on making our boys clean up after their toys.  So, when I read the original post above, my house was also coved in toys, discarded shoes & socks, blankets & pillow forts, and more toy cars & superheroes & transformers than I understand.

But I would like to offer up: I have a neighbor, whom I adore, who comes over when I'm still in my pjs & haven't washed my hair.  and loves me anyways.  My house is a mess & my kids are wild.  I love having someone who doesn't ever look at the 'state' of my house while they visit.  Also?  I have a girl friend who invites me & others over every week & always serves us a clean house, fresh pot of coffee, & muffins.  We are welcomed & we feel loved.  We sit & catch up & watch our babies play.

What is the difference in both of those scenarios?  nothing.

In both of those environments I.AM.LOVED.  My neighbor loves me & isn't concerned with my appearance.  It is mutual!  I am welcomed at her home in all of the ins & outs of our days with little ones.  My girlfriend who welcomes me to her home loves me & is offering me her hospitality, her best! She sacrifices for that gathering, as I do when the roles reverse.  It is such a lovely thing to offer your friends your hospitality - your work & time - as a gift!  It is a form of love.

That takes nothing away from the love of a friend who accepts you as you are.

That takes nothing away from the love of a friend who offers you their hospitality, in opening up her home.

If we live in fear of how other think of us, it may matter how you look or how your home looks.  If we are unsure of the love of our friends, if we fear their judgement, it may matter.  If we are striving for acceptance of others, or striving for the acceptance of yourself, it may matter.

I would like to say thank you to my neighbor & my girlfriend.  For their love, for their hospitality, for their generosity, and for their friendship.  No standards to live up to.  All is given as gift & none is wasted if it is noticed, felt, and appreciated.

So please hear from me. Freedom.  There is freedom, in Christ, to live & move & breath in this life, in your real, messy, chaotic life.  But don't be deterred from giving away your gifts.  Be generous with the talents you have been given & give them to others without measuring their worthiness.  Whether that be acceptance 'as you are' or acceptance 'as a favored guest'.

May our Lord keep you, securely hold you firmly in his grip if you find yourself feeling unloved or unlovely.  Peace to you my sisters!

Thanks for reading.  and if your house is clean or not, either way, we can be friends.  ;-)

hOpscotch Mommy Monday!

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Mommy Monday featuring... Brie Prose!

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