Monday, May 16, 2011

Holy Molars Batman!

Ok, so my girlfriend from high school is hosting this giveaway... $100 giveaway!

SOO... I thought I would get myself a double chance to win by posting it on my blog.  James is working on the last of his first 4 molars now, and I don't know about other kids, but his have taken FOREVER to come in!  I mean, like around a month (at least 2-3 weeks for the second and third).  We'll see if this fourth one sets a new record.  Our little teething boy looks soo cute with his little fingers in his mouth, so I'm double posting this again.  We keep catching him doing this as well as jutting his lower jaw forward and chewing on his gums (is what it looks like).  His little bottom lip wrapped over the top is too precious.

Poor teething buddy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

28 Weeks - Happy Mother's Day!!

Well, I'm 28 weeks today, and Hello..... Third Trimester!!  It seems kinda crazy that these weeks are adding up so quickly, but I can say that I definitely feel like the end is drawing nearer.  Losing my breath, running our of steam, feeling so MANY KICKS all day and night, and just having such a tight, big belly!  Our little fella, Mr. Hayden Matthew Prose, is responsible for all this, but he's worth it. :-)

My sweet husband got behind the camera on Sunday to take some pictures for Mother's day.  I, of course, have to put up one old picture for nostalgia of my first Mother's Day last year, but I will close with that one.  James is coming up on his 16 month mark, and his is learning more and more everyday.  Such a little character in the making.

He is so sweet holding Mommy's hand.

I love the little feet- and Matt even painted my toenails for me. :-)

Our little teething buddy.  How can I tell?? haha

Does this mean I have to share my slide with Hayden??

My sweet little baby boy.  I love being your mom.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ah, Hickory small group

Check out our cutie James with his little buddies.  Olivia and James.  I could just eat them up!


Anna Kate on the move!

My little buddy kicking up his feet.  haha, enjoy life.

Our small group has been such a great group of friends.  Our little man has started taking all kinds of footsteps, and these are just a few.

We love you, Hickory Small group.  Not really having to say goodbye is a good thing.  I'm so glad Hickory and Charlotte are not that far apart.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Catch me if you can...

James is a walking man now.  walk on walking man!!  I've been busy chasing him all over our house, our yard, and everywhere else we go, haha.  He's getting pretty good at walking, so I finally have taken a few new pictures of him.  I'd like to blame pregnancy, moving, and just the business and stress of life for my lack of photos as of late.  Life is crazy sometimes.

On our ski trip this year with the Proses, we got James a t-shirt that matches a onsie that he had last year.  Check our this future ski dude, then and now.

June 23, 2010 - 5 months

May 4, 2011 - 15.5 months

James is coming up on 16 months old now, and I'm just over 27 weeks pregnant with our next little ski dude, Hayden Matthew Prose. :-)  We've pretty much decided on this name, even though Matt and I both have a hard time with committing to a name- its just such an important decision.  Our move to Charlotte is coming up, surprise!  That's how we feel anyways.  But, like it or not, its 3 weeks away.

Lucky for us we can spend our days enjoying our little buddy.  Talk about a blessing of de-stressing.  How could you be stressed when you are watching this scene unfold??  16 months old is an AWESOME age.  He is soo funny now, and does so many things unexpectedly.  Just now he crawled into Roo's travel carrier- which is a pretty tight fit!!  haha, he makes me laugh so hard. :-)  I love our little buddy.  Can't wait to meet the next little man in my life!