Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a Little.Fish, on assignment

I truly believe that in as much as I may feel desire to be a bigger.fish, that until the Lord presents a door, I am called to be a Little.Fish.

I am called to love the Lord with all my heart, soul & mind.  to love my husband.  to serve my family.  to make a home.  to contribute towards feeding & clothing the 'hungry & naked' in my own house first.  to serve those in my community & to love them well.

I don't, specifically, feel called to minister to women online. (which may seem an odd statement, but I examined this idea as I saw others doing so).  I do, unintentionally, find myself loving this process of writing & how much it ministers to me.  I am continually humbled by how the Lord teaches me, works it out uniquely through blogging, and can minister to others through it as well.  I.love.that.  I am, however, still embarrassed a bit by the vulnerability of it all.

I was reading today a blog post by Emily Freeman (hosted by Lysa Terkurst's site) & what she said just resonated with me- about having an assignment.  and what I heard, was about being a little.fish! haha.  So, read her if you have a moment.  I loved how she said that the Lord uses boundaries & limitations in our lives.  It may feel like constraint, but in reality, it is freedom to do your one job well. !  Check it out... Emily P. Freeman - art taught by lifeguards.  This Little.Fish. is gonna try to remember my assignment, my 8 ft. of the pool to keep my eyes ;-)

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