Sunday, March 10, 2013

things we love.

We love watching Daddy cutting the grass.

We love trucks & block & puzzles.  We love sitting at mommy's feet in the kitchen & bringing all the toys in too.

We love trains & hanging out in pjs or nothing but a dipe during our mornings.

We love big brown eyes.

We love dinner with our neighbors.

We love the excitement that a new environment brings: Preschool this fall for James!

We love reading & music boxes.

We like crusin' together.

We (now) love getting out hair cut (whew).

We love rainy days & rain jacket&boots.  "AAaarrrgggghhh"

We love watching it rain.

We love playing dress up with Anna&Emily.  Being a pirate is always an opportunity taken.

We love having a dance party.  "but mom, I just wanna dance!!"

We love big blue eyes.

We love monster trucks.

We love monster truck tires.

We love playing in daddy's closet & wearing his ties & shoes.

We love nap time.

We love long eyelashes.

We love building train tracks with tunnels&mountains&pirate ships.  Hayden loves knocking them down in pursuit of playing trains. ;-)

We do love getting out of the house- and we actually do sometimes. haha - especially for a rainy day walk/splash.

We love sandy golden curls.

Thank you Lord for all the good gifts you give.  Thank you for this slow season of moments - of little helpers & tasks that are only accomplished in part.  Thank you for the ability to capture some of these frames - to savor them once more.