Saturday, October 29, 2011

some Davidson love.

We had the pleasure of making some last minute plans with our friends the McDaniels and the Andreassons for the costume march in Davidson.  So much fun. :-)

We got to enjoy how cute our little ones looked in their costumes- enjoy each other's company (which we don't get enough of)- and enjoy the beautiful downtown Davidson main street (gotta love that small town feel in the Fall!)

Can't get enough of my sweet little pumpkin.

Too funny. :-)  What does that lip say to you?  "you said there'd be candy. I don't see it."

Matt and I and our boys.  We had a blast- as you can see we found some candy. haha!  Our little cheeser.

Can you believe he wore the hat the whole time??  He actually loved his costume.  He kept patting himself on the belly because it was all soft I'm sure... haha.  Love him.

Thanks again Meredith for inviting us!! We loved it.  We love you guys. :-) Can't wait to play again soon!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

how did i forget??

Just now realizing that I didn't post a 2 month picture for Hayden!!  how did I forget that?

Soo I've got a nice little timeline for my sweet fella.  sorry buddy. :-)

New born.

One month.

Two months.

Three months.

3 months old!!

Little ole Hayden is 3 months old today.  :-)  He's probably around 14 lbs 9 oz (cause he was about 1.5 weeks ago with a diaper and all his clothes on..) and pretty close to 25 in long.

Hayden your big brother loves you.  He even shared his Thomas magazine with you.  Big Deal.

You are so sweet little fella. :-)  We love you and your smiley little self.  What a happy baby you are.  And might I add that I am so happy you've decided that 7pm is a good bed time these past two days.  I totally agree.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

mr. pumpkin head

Matt and I got James a pumpkin to 'carve' as a 'Mr. Pumpkin Head' as opposed to the obvious original.  Check him out!!  I'm getting excited to put out all our flowers and pumpkins for the trick-or-treaters next weekend.  Matt went to WORK on our yard and it looks awesome- can't wait to take some picture of my little 'pumpkins' with our pumpkins on the front steps. :-)  Fall, I love you.

much to exciting to stop for pictures...

James loved the candles in the real jack-o-latern.  He kept wanting to blow them out... haha

nice carving job daddy!  My sweet hubs doing something so fun with our little fella while our babe was a wailin' with me most of the time in the house. :-(  Days like this are normally just 'disaster' kind of days where nothing happens except a lot of crying and a kickin' head ache for this mommy. yes, that's why I call it, to myself, a disaster of a day.  I don't even know what time it is. haha.  Thank you Lord for a husband as GOOD to me and my boys as mine.  Thanks for taking care of me- I needed you today. :-)  ps. you are one handsome fella.

Cheeeeese! :-) Can you believe those curls?? hilarious.

ahh. sweet reflection on my little family and now its time for bed!!!

first date.

Our first date after having Hayden!!

Matt and I were able to go to the Young Life fundraiser banquet for the Lake Norman area, and we had such a nice time.  Thank you to Meredith for inviting us, setting up our baby sitters (yes we had two), and basically planning our 'date night'.  We had a refreshing time hearing testimony of how the Lord is working in the lives of the teens.  What an honor to hear these amazing young people's stories of how they were brought from death to life in Christ.  Nothing will make you want to cry and smile like that- and makes me miss working with high school students!

Now, I know you're still thinking: you had two babysitters?? Yes. One at home with our James so he could go to bed.  One at the dinner with us watching Hayden so I could nurse him half way though the night but also enjoy myself! Way to go Meredith- I never knew two sitters could have been so worth it to make our first date happen.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

pumpkins for my pumpkins.

We got a chance to go to our Farmer's market and pick out some pumpkins and my favorite Fall flowers: mums.  Such a hard choice, what color to choose? We went with purple today.  Can't wait to set up the flowers and pumpkins so we can take pictures of our little fellas in their Halloween costumes: PUMPKINS!! gonna be sooo cute.  :-)

When you see a giant pile of awesomely orange pumpkins, what should you do??

Love getting a chance to get some pics of our little family of 4... Can't get one pic that does us justice. so we are doing multiple these days... little faces are priceless. :-)

(dang finger in the shot!! bummer.)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hiking Grandfather Mtn

Grandfather Mountain. Fall colors. Super Windy. Pretty cold, but not too cold. 

Family time. Two little hikers. James singin' the whole way up. 

Hayden sleepin' the hike away.  Matt & I lovin' the sunshine and the fresh air. 

Beautiful day away. Refreshing break.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

baby wrastling

Baby wrastling: Thursday Thursday Thursday... 4 pm!!!

Hilarious.  Why they all wanted to get into the pack n play together we'll never know... but they had a big time playing in there together!! haha.  James and Madeline were the the rough and tumble ones and sweet Corrie was the innocent bystander. :-)  Only a small injury occurred during thing play time! Madeliney was a trooper.

We had a great visit- can't wait to see you guys again soon!

See See!!

First: this was our longest drive to date with the two boys AND I did it by myself.  YEAH!!  We are just warming up for our first drive to FL... :-)  Gotta make a trip down to visit soon!

My favorite thing James is doing now a days: spotting planes and helicopters in the sky!  You may be thinking yeah right, but since we live by the hospital and not far from the airport, we see quite a few every day.  Who sees them first?? James! haha

He spotted this plan from the playground by Aunt Darcy and Uncle Josh's house.

"See See!! See it, See it!"

My favorite thing that Hayden's doing these days: sucking his fingers!!  I wish I had a picture of that to share... so sweet!!

James loved getting to see Corrie get on the bus to go to school in the morning.  Mostly I think he loved the bus itself, but he was pretty excited to see Corrie come home!!

James had a great time playing with Madeline too- They chased each other up and down the hallways, and he pretty much wanted to follow her around all the time. haha.  Here he is getting all snuggled up with her while she was trying to draw.

So nice to have a chance to play...

Saturday, October 1, 2011


We got the treat of taking our two boys to the NC Zoo today.  'Ole James loved it.  He is picking up so many things everyday now- he said zoo today.  He was practicing his animal sounds with dada in preparation for the zoo at breakfast.  He follows directions and is so proud of himself when he does something new.  He is such a joy (besides our toddler tantrums that do occur waay to often for my taste).

And he has the best daddy.  Our buddy was getting pretty tired as our zoo journey was coming to a close and didn't want to sit in the stroller anymore.  So after Daddy got him out to see the elephants, he got a big ride for a few minutes which helped him settle for the rest of our walk out of the park.

So proud of my boy.  So thankful for my patient hubby.  definitely the moment that I want to remember- when a tough moment can become a sweet one.  Lord, may you give us the grace to give to our children in those moments, and may we recognize those moments more often.  Thank you.

Now, the coolest moment of the day was a tie:  a) the gorilla sleeping next to the glass where James got to hang out and watch him.  or b) the chimpanzee who ran up to the glass, startled James, then became his bff and they hung out face to face at the glass for a bit.  just hangin' out.

This was the best pic we could get.  I choose option b. :-)  ps. we did take turns watching the chimpanzee (James is still the red head, haha)

hey hey Hayden...

Sweet Hayden.  2 months old doctor visit. :-)
We are lovin' all 13 lbs 1.5 oz and 24 in of you!!

I love getting to see more and more of your sweet personality coming out everyday.  I can't wait to see what color your hair turns our and what color your eyes become... I love seeing you getting more interested in your surroundings and excited to play in your bouncy seat!  Your little coos are music to my hears and I swear you already can babble ma... :-)  I love you so much Hayden Prose.

How cute are you??

Daddy's big helper: washing the dog.

Yes, helping Daddy wash the dog is so much fun...
I can spray the hose all by myself.  Daddy, I'm totally YOUR son.

I'm soaking wet from head to toe.
My favorite phrase of late: go, go, GO!!

I'm losing my britches- my mom's in stitches.
Did you say you wanted the soap??

Roo you're such a good sport.  I'm shocked you report
that he actually behaved.
But seriously James, your pants won't stay- you must come in and change.

I'm almost done! I've had too much fun
washing this dog today.

What's that you say?? Come inside, hey hey
Did I tell you Mama how I can spray 
the hose all my myself??

I'll get you yet!! You're not yet wet...

wait. now I'm cold. I'm done!!!

big brother James :-)

I have caught my sweet boy James lovin' on his baby brother more and more frequently lately...  I think he is really beginning to LOVE his 'ba-bee' as he likes to call him!

Showing Hayden how to play with his bouncy chair...

September 20, 2011

Sweet kisses on his little hand.  How did you fall asleep while James was helping you 'play'?? haha, awesome. (seriously, he did. see pic 1)

Wanting to hold the baby with Daddy....

September 28, 2011

Snuggling up to Hayden on his play mat- mommy made sure you didn't squish him... :-)

September 30, 2011

James you make Mommy so proud.  Such a sweet big brother!! (disclaimer: none of these events were created by mommy or daddy.  all his own initiation.)