Tuesday, February 26, 2013


After getting our 'big' boys all situated in their rooms- twin bed for James & toddler bed for Hayden- we have had the fun of playing with our new little guy's room.  I have to say that using the same nursery things for Hayden was fun, buying him something new just for him (hungry caterpillar for his birthday) worked out great, and now we have our sweet nursery things all ready and waiting for one more Prose baby boy.

Matt was my 'handy manny' setting up the crib & I had the fun of doing silly things like ironing the crib skirt & the ribbons for the bumper.  Seeing it all set up & having the rocker facing the view of the lake is the perfect spot to sit & day.dream.  and to soak in the big bros playing with all the baby toys & pretending to be babies themselves. haha.

I think we are all excited about having a new baby.  My sweet niece even asked me, "when is my baby cousin gonna get here??"

shadow silhouette - 28 weeks.

29 weeks.

30 weeks.

Trying my best to choose special items that I just LOVE to buy - since of course we don't actually need a whole lots of new things for boy #3.  His Aunt Natassja made him a special bow tie onsie & matching bow ties for his big bros - which will be so fun to see them all wear together!  I found a dark brown bunny that is the same as we bought for James&Hayden for Easter while Hayden was still in my belly. The boys got a big kick out of playing with all 3 bunnies together & hearing them talk about their baby brother is so precious.  I also have a handful of friends for whom I have been buying baby gifts- and I couldn't help myself with the Peter Rabbit outfit.  It was on sale at least... ;-)

Overall, I'm too tired to really feel nesting energy kicking in- but at least on the days when I don't nap with the boys in the afternoon (which is such a blessing in itself) I feel productive & have organized all the new baby clothes & planned where to hang pictures... and done some cleaning.  I was telling Matt, it seems so funny to think we have it so easy now: 2 boys who nap at the same time & go to bed by 7/7:30 and sleep 12 hours.  We so have it easy, haha.  and that's all about to change!  Good reminder of just how thankful I am for my absolutely undeserved, simple, blessed life.  Thank you God- You are so good.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my valentines.

This year we didn't get to spend valentines day all together, so we had the fun of dragging it out over a few days.  The boys & mommy made some special cards for Daddy to take with him while he traveled, and he left some special treats for us to enjoy for Valentines'.  such a good Daddy.  ;-)

I love tiny hands.

My little valentines.  yes sir.

Mommy got to take the boys on a Krispy Kreme field trip for Valentines day.  They are an easy crowd & loved watching the heart shaped donuts get fried & iced.  hot now - yuuum.  Daddy left them monster trucks which they played with & napped with & fought over all day.  James was so excited- "my Dad got this for me" - when did we become 'Mom' & 'Dad'??

 "Don't ever make us leave"

Daddy also left us cookies to bake since he knows his little helpers would pretty much love this activity & its rewards.  haha, he was so right.  James was only disappointed that he wasn't allowed to eat them ALL.  "aw Mom!"

Needless to say, not a romantic day, but a day filled with expressions of love felt & held tight.  and that is enough to make my heart full.


We love getting to spend so much more time with our family these days.  It still feels fresh- the move closer- the opportunities for time together feel so sweet.  I laugh because when we don't see each other for a few weeks, THAT now feels like a long time!

We got to hang out with Mimi & Grandpa and Uncle Mike, Aunt Natassja, and Jack this last visit.  They even let me choose - and I loved getting to go back to the FL aquarium in Tampa.  My favorite exhibit was under construction/renovation, so we'll just have to look forward to seeing it again.  But you can't beat these little guys loving watching the fish.  precious.

James wearing Grandpa's glasses. ;-)

and Mimi had to send them home with valentines cookies, of course.  My boys do love to be helpers in the kitchen.

My guys were in for such a treat on our last visit to Grammy & Papa's house.  Not only were we able to visit Papa's new church which was a blessing to be a part, but they even iced that cake with a trip to the rodeo.  Yes sir.  My cowboys had a blast & loved spending the time with Grammy & Papa.

James was outfitted for the occasion with a new hat & boots.  He already had his sheriff star from Texas that Daddy brought home... (this was after he tried to wear his 1st pair of boots, size 5, which was very cute since he now wears a 9.5.... haha)  and Papa picked out his new hat!!

Hayden said, "no (t)hank-(y)ooo(u)" to his boots which as a little sad for mommy, ha.  very cute!

Rodeo time.

loved our time together.  Laughed so hard watching these boys take in the rodeo.  It's the little things.


 I love pictures- and some pictures are worth such so much because of how quickly the children grow up.  We were lucky enough to have some family pictures taken by Out of the Element Photography & I am excited to have this last family picture of just the 4 of us.

Grandpa & Mimi, thanks for sharing this gift with us!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

My little guys have been pretty patient with their slow-movin'-momma lately.  I seem to be hitting the part of this pregnancy (hello 3rd trimester!!) where I am slowing down on the chores that can be accomplished/the errands that can be run/the activity that can be enjoyed.  But I tell you what, it's been nice.  We've let the dishes sit in the kitchen so that we can take a little bike ride down the street with a snack of goldfish along for the ride.  We've all hung around in our pjs much.too.long.  We've all been working on the chores together & accomplishing what we can without giving up!

My hips have been giving me a tough time lately - I'm relatively confident it is related to sciatic nerve pain - but I'm hopeful that as our littlest guy settles into the normal head down position (which he's not yet) then it will ease up some.  A girl can hope that maybe it has some tie to the position of the baby.  ;-)

But, I think some days when we just set our mind to going to the park - even if we end up having to leave because of momma - that in doing it my boys surprise me.  For the first time, they didn't run in opposite directions, but played mostly together.  Hayden even held my hand without fighting.  We all calmly held hands and walked to the car with no fussing when it was time to go.  My precious little guys.

I'm also so grateful to have buddies in the neighborhood to have play dates with & share this stage of life where it is so easy to become relatively isolated.  Plus, aren't your friends toys always cooler than your own??  And I am as much energized by those times as I am worn out by them.  It is amazing to see the Lord's provision in my life so simply in some things.

Today's family date: picnic by the lake & post-nap-mini-hike.  Great way to enjoy each other, out of the house, in the neighborhood.  My amazing hubs even treated us all to dinner on the way home - which means mommy didn't have to cook or clean up.  BLESSED.  ;-)  And, we have some great plans on camping close by with the boys - Daddy & boys & fishing poles.  again, I'm amazed by simple grace.

I love seeing them enjoy.each.other.  James - 3 years & Hayden 18 months.

Check them out from last June 2012: James - 2 years & Hayden - 11 months.   (I love seeing them repeat some of these same scenes- makes.my.heart.melt. )


My son & his sweetheart Anna Kate.  ;-)  We drove up for a long-overdue visit & these two got to skip naps & watch Curious George instead.  They have known each other from birth & can't help but just enjoy their friendship & how deep.it.runs.  

Love y'all and miss seeing ya more often.  But we are so happy to have the opportunity to live not terribly far apart.

family date.

I told my sweet hubs, after this 'family date' to St. Augustine to my favorite place for a shrimp po'boy & basking in the beautiful sunshine, that as much as I love going out on dates with just him, I.love.family.dates.

And he is sweet enough to take us (very much as the go&do personality while I'm more of the homebody)

James - 3 years & Hayden - 18 months.

Couldn't help myself: this was them on our first trip back to St. Aug after we moved back down to FL.  Oct. 2012.  James - 2.5 years & Hayden - 15 months.  wow, amazing how fast they change.

 Family date: fire pit edition.  We haven't had a fire in the backyard in years (literally) and I'm not sure who was more excited, the boys or daddy.  ;-)  and yes, s'mores were made and consumed with great gusto by James - Hayden wasn't a fan (!!?!?).  I'm sure he'll grow into it (he is my son, haha)