Friday, October 4, 2013

funny Little.Fish

One of the best things about being in this homebody-toddler stage is how truly funny my little boys can be.  I know the games & imagination & creativity only continue to develop, but while they are young enough to need the constant supervision, I am privy to a starring my funny Little.Fish.

adventure around every turn

Napkins: for spitting into at the table or otherwise concealing poor table manners of any kind 

at any given moment: bookworm turned pirate

My personal stylist & littlest cowboy

It's so hard to be Hayden (pouty lip extraordinaire)

"mom look at my funny face mom, look at my funny face!!"

"I'm running in the rain mommy!! I getting wet!!" 
"Hellooooo?  My Shell-phone's not working properly"

Mr. pb&j for breakfast- an early wake-up-call
What joy I find in sharing some of these little moments with them wherein they discover & create & invent & explore.  These child-like hearts know no shame, have learned no social stigma, whose dreams come & go as welcome guests.  These passionate tempers, deep feelers who ride the waves of emotions that eb & flow through their days in an ever increasing attempt to take command of the raft upon which they float.  These precious spirits who don't know loss or baggage, but to whom all of life is adventure.

Lord may they discover YOU in the beauty of your creation.  That true joy & laughter comes from you - and only your joy will truly bring happiness & peace.  Thank you for giving me the gift of seeing these moments & enjoying where we are today.