Monday, August 29, 2011

if James were going to be on Peanuts, he's be Linus...

to start: I must show this adorable shot of Hayden with his buddy Cohen.  5 weeks apart.  Our sweet little cubby wubbies!  all cheek...

James.  My little Linus.  all the ladies love his piano playing skills.  (which involve banging on the piano).  not pictured below, my buddy carrying around his blue blanket 'boo boo'.  yes, Linus.  At least that is better than when he resembles the character on Peanuts who resides in a cloud of dirt... haha.  I choose Linus any day.

Did I say that Addison loved his piano skills?  except for the fact that she can actually play piano keys one at a time- now that is piano skills at 20 months old!!

Did we teach them this? no.  Did we coach them, or encourage them to do this?? no.  I'm serious, they came up with it on their own- we had to encourage them to stop! haha.

sing me a song, piano man. :-)


I have been so excited to have some more pictures to share- the challenge of taking them is tougher than I ever imagined but so worth it.  I still can't believe we got this one.


Trying to get a good shot for Hayden's one month- we got this lip.  so precious.  I love it.  He is quite the expressive little fella.  I am still waiting for that first smile... I can feel it coming!  Hoping to get some dimpled smiles soon... but for now I will take the little lip. :-)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

feeling grateful.

This Saturday afternoon was a day when I really was able to enjoy my family.  I hope I can remember the feelings of just being absolutely in the moment- and being able to just snuggle my baby boy and watch my little boy explore the world.  There is nothing like removing all the obstacles- the chores aching for attention- and just playing with your kids. and holding hands with your hubs. and just drinking in those big smiles.

My sweet baby.

I love those eyes.  Can your see the resemblance...

Thank you Lord for my family.  They are a better gift than I ever could have asked for.  Help me to be truly grateful for them everyday.  Teach me how.

took 'ole Hayden up to see the mountains.

We love Boone, NC.  We miss living closer to Boone because we used to go often.  I personally CAN'T wait for the Fall to go up and see the leaves.  and hike Grandfather Mountain with my boys.  Can.not.wait.

We had such a great afternoon together.  The weather was cooler, and James ran all over this little park where we got some pictures of our new little family.  Check out our two goofy boys.  James was wearing his new tennis shoes, and boy did he ever break them in.  He was ready to go, go, go!

darn if our camera didn't have a smudge on the lens.  I blame having a toddler for that, haha.  But the pictures I think capture our spirit for the day.  love them.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

happy 1 month old Hayden Prose.

We love you little monkey. so to celebrate we got you a monkey. just like your big brother.

The look says it all.  "who is this guy??"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A day in the life... blog-sitting

I wanted to share my 'blog-sitting' post with you- and to keep in my blog book as well since it was kind of an epiphany for me.  :-)  You can see my sweet friend Meredith's blog Living Simply by following the link.

A day in the life of the Prose Family.

I’ve been trying to think of how I would like to plan out this little window into our world, and I have debated between planning out an awesome day that I can then blog about so that we look awesome. J haha, or, actually blog a real day- or a combination of what we do actually do and the normal struggle that we strive against as well.

So, here you are followers of the fantastic blog that Meredith does- a normal-ish day for us.  What is our current state of normal?? THAT is a very good question.

We have just moved to a new city and are trying to get settled in and figure it out.  My amazing hubby just started in a new territory which basically is like a whole new job because his job relies heavily on your relationships.  We have a 19 month old little boy, James, who is awesome, but very much a high energy toddler!  And, last but not least, but maybe smallest, is our newest addition, Hayden, who is just shy of 4 weeks old.

Yes, Normal?? Not quite yet.

Today we walked up to the corner grocery store for fun and to get out of the house this morning.  Also, so that this mommy can start exercising again and get back in shape!  It was just under a mile each way, so a nice little walk with my boys to grab some birthday cards and more whole milk for my ‘big boy.’  It felt great- It was quiet. James loves walking and is oddly enough totally captivated by just getting out and seeing some different things.  He does take after his parents, a total people watcher.  Lil Hayden slept the whole way there and back- what a blessing for his tired momma!

Yes. Success this mommy felt.

Back to the house- one messy snack for James and one attempt to feed and soothe Hayden later, Daddy came to our rescue.  Haha.  We were just up in the boys’ room so James could read some books before his nap and have some quiet time, but poor Hayden wasn’t really ready to settle, so Daddy made nap time possible.  It is so tough to get stuck trying to take care of the needs of one child only to feel torn not meeting the immediate need of the other.  I definitely feel that strain more on days when I haven’t had my own quiet time- time for mommy to pray for patience and courage not to feel overwhelmed by both boys crying at once. 

No.  lack of success this mommy felt.

Afternoon of one too-short-toddler-nap plus one cranky-fussy-baby-who-won’t-nap = one tired momma.  = one take out pizza order.

But, we did get outside with Daddy and did some gardening at the end of the afternoon.  Our big boy was so much fun to watch as he was ‘helping’ Daddy pull weeds, rake, haul yard clippings, and whatever else he thought Daddy was doing.  His toy lawn mower going, going.  Of course, Hayden fell asleep over my shoulder so I didn’t get to help as much as I had hoped.

Yes, no?? feelings of success? Feelings of frustration?

Great dinner with my awesome husband and James was very well behaved at dinner.  Yes moment.  Story time for James and overly drawn out bed time.  No moment.  Hayden Crying, but Matt taking him for me to finally get a shower.  Yes, No??

A day in the life… our life currently seems hinged upon this hormonal, sleep deprived momma’s amount of courage to tackle each different scenario during the day.  So many days I think the Lord for his provisions, and just for any quiet moment I can go to him for help or for thankfulness.  I am reminded that these days pass too quickly, while my sweet baby is just that.  A baby.  And my sweet toddler is just that.  A toddler.  I can count my blessings to have them in my life everyday- whether there are Yes moments or not.  My success as a mother, or my own feelings of accomplishment aren’t so easy to measure.  I’m hopeful that the patience I can show in the No moments will be a better measure than the pride I can take away from the ‘Yes’ moments.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for sharing in our small, unimpressive life.  Our hope is to glorify the Lord in what we do, no matter how significant the action itself.  May I remind myself of that! J

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

my boys make me laugh.

These past few days we have had some sweet moments with our boys.  Our big helper, James, doing anything and everything that we do.  He loves being there in the action.  My two favorite moments this week: James trying to help weed out the ivy in our backyard with Matt and I. hilarious.  James trying to help me mop the floor today. what a Prose boy- can't let mommy do it without offering just a little help. :-)

Check him out in his gators hat.  He put it on himself.

We went to Steak 'N Shake after a trip to the Babies R Us for diapers and wipes.  Check out our buddy enjoying some of daddy's vanilla milkshake. cracked me up.  He loved the hat! (to pieces, literally).

Our little guy was practicing his tough guy face in the car.  He looks so different when he's holding up his head and his eyes are open.  I said when he was born he almost reminds me of a teenager with a buzz cut. :-)  my little bruiser.  ps. the rolls on the arm are pretty intimidating too! haha.

Just kidding. Just a softy at heart. :-)  Love you Hayden.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

a walk in the park

We FINALLY got to walk down to the park from our house this past Saturday afternoon.  What a treat- what a beautiful park- what a perfect distance for my two boys.  Check out our awesome stroller in action.

Looking forward to many more trips like this with my boys.  Yeah for cool enough weather to walk and yeah for not being 9 months pregnant anymore in the middle of 95+ degree weather... :-)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 weeks old??

Oh Hayden, trying to juggle learning how to take care of you and James with keeping our home and house running has left me with very little time to take your picture.  I promise I will keep trying to do better, but nonetheless, we are LOVING you.  We have had some sweet group hugs...

August 4, 2011

... We have had one fun counter top bath to keep you clean while protecting your sweet belly button.  Your first baby bath tub time was quite the adventure as well.  Mommy and Daddy thought about trying to put your tub in the big tub with James and then decided otherwise.  :-)  Your big brother likes to splash just a little too much, but soon enough you will be in there with him.

For now you are my sweet, tiny fella (despite the obvious discrepancy of your size comparatively to others your same age... haha Mr. 95%)

August 4, 2011

Here we are.  Mommy actually got out the camera to take your picture while your big brother was napping.  It is so funny how different you look in person vs. the digital image.  Your widow peak isn't that prominent in person I don't think, and your hair looks more brown- honestly this photo makes it look kinda redish to me!  I do think your skin tone is looking more like your big bro's and less dark/red every day. 

August 15, 2011

We are LOVING you little boy.  Despite our sleep deprivation. :-)  We are looking forward to getting to know you as you keep growing.  You are sweet, sweet.  and SO handsome.  Definitely get that from your Daddy...

Friday, August 12, 2011

little feet, little hands.

Little Feet...

Little hands... holding hands. :-)


We owe our families SO much for coming to help support us just before and after Hayden was born.


A special thanks to Matt's cousin Rachel for being here the night Hayden was born to stay with James so we could leave, and a big thank you to Matt's Mom for taking care of James Wednesday and Thursday while we were at the hospital.

A very unexpected thank you to Matt's Nana for coming to help and celebrate the time with Hayden and our little family.  Check her out sitting on the floor in the playroom with James- J is for James!!  Go Nana!

Thank you to My parents for coming and helping take care of us and our boys after Hayden was born.  It was great to have you guys as back up!  That is one of our big calls for help between Matt and I- Send Backup!! Send Backup!  Thanks Mom and Dad- love you guys.  Grammie and Papa rock!

Last but certainly not least, a big Thank You to Matt's Mom and Dad for helping spoil James while he is in this transition time as a big brother.  It was great to have some fun times out with Mimi and Grandpa. Thank you Mrs. Teresa for all the food you cooked- you spoil us as much as you spoil James.

Thank you to my sister Michelle for coming to meet her new nephew, and Thank You to Matt's brother John for coming as well!  We are excited for Hayden to meet the rest of the family soon soon!

We are blessed by you all.  Thank you for all you do.

Proud Proses.

Grandpa was pretty excited to meet his new little grandson on Sunday.  LOVE the expressions on his and Matt's faces- 3 generations of Prose boys, and their numbers just keep growing!

Hello Uncle John. :-)

Just hangin' out with Mimi and Grandpa.

James was unimpressed with the baby at this point- WAY more interested in building a pillow fort.  Excuse me, pillows coming through...

Nothing better than a little Daddy time on the couch.  Daddy and his two little boys.  My three of the Prose boys right here, yes yes.  very proud momma. :-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Getting dressed to head home as a family of FOUR!  My poor Hayden was a little worked up about being naked, he'd much rather not be. :-)  You can see how red the poor fella got, but what a cool shot of our little family.

Making Hayden feel like one of the gang. :-) LOVE.  My little red man!

A whole block to drive home, but so much different to have a full car!  No more extra room for passengers, we are gonna be driving ourselves from now on I guess.

Big Brother James wanting to help unbuckle his little brother from the carseat.  What a good helper!

Happy Birthday Matt.  Happy Birthday Dada.  What a way to celebrate- bringing home a new baby boy!!  Does that make up for me not having a present ready?? haha, what an amazing husband and father you are- we are SO BLESSED to have you in our family.  Love you sweet heart.

(ps. Hayden's birthday is 7/27 and Matt's is 7/28!  We almost had both on the same day, but I'm pretty happy that we get to have two days to celebrate instead of one.  That means two cakes! haha)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A trip to the park

While Hayden and I were resting at the hospital, James got to go to the park with his Daddy, Papa, and Mimi.  He is a wild man at this park where he can play on the playground but also go to the splash park. This boy had a big time playing, and his Papa took some great pictures we I could enjoy the trip vicariously too!


King of the fountain!!

Check out the skill that Daddy has with this slide- James was in hog heaven.

Nothing like a walk in the park with Daddy.  Precious.

My absolute FAVORITE.  Daddy's peeking through the tunnel....

... and James giving him a kiss!! haha, what a good break for my little guy from all the excitement at the hospital.  ps. It was Daddy's birthday... more on that to come!

Monday, August 8, 2011

so many more pictures to share...

Our time in the hospital after Hayden's birth was actually pretty sweet.  Aside from all the strangeness that just seemed to surround CMC as a general rule, when we were all by ourselves or just with family, we had a really nice time.

It was so nice to have my Dad there to take some great pictures of our new little family.  I REALLY wouldn't trade these for the world.  It almost made me cry to see James so ready to give Hayden kisses and little 'snuggle' that you see below with his head! haha, what a sweet boy we have.

I LOVE this picture.

precious little (big!) feet :-)

We were so blessed to see our dear friends Kelly and Anna Kate in the hospital as well as Meredith and Grady who came the next morning (sorry- picture to come!).  James was so proud to show off his baby brother, but more importantly wanted to play cars with AK.  haha, boys.  She, on the other hand, liked Hayden more than cars.  But, didn't want her mommy to hold him though!  Soon enough AK, the time may come to share your mommy!  Isn't she just precious though??