Sunday, December 18, 2011

too funny to not post.

Just stumbled across our first picture with Santa 2010.  What a hilarious little monkey.  Check out this grin. Ah, Santa 2010.

And of course Santa 2011.  James buddy you are such a big boy now it is crazy.

Santa couldn't even believe you aren't even 2- he guessed you were just about 3!  And sorry little Hayden, you were too little to trust to Santa this year.  You can sit on his lap next year. :-)  haha, can't even picture what Santa 2012 will look like with my 2 boys. wow!

a little bit of Christmas cheer...

Our little family of 4 has celebrated our first Christmas together. :-)  We are planning to go to FL like we do every year, but this year we decided to open our gifts to each other here at home.  So much more practical versus hauling them all down and back again as well any gifts we received- but so much more fun for us to just have a little time to celebrate in the comfort of our own home.  So, in order to get a morning like we would on Christmas, we had to have it on Saturday.  Poor us.  Christmas is coming early, on time, and late for us this year as we are blessed to celebrate our Lord's birth with our 'whole big' family!

James didn't really know what was going on this particular morning.  He has been SO good about the tree and the gifts.  He hasn't tried to open anything, and the only trouble has been his love for some of the ornaments, haha.  One which too closely resembles a train has gone to live on his train table for the remainder of the holiday season. haha.

He's a smart boy and this year he figured the whole present thing out.  Stockings were an easy sell.

Little Hayden.  "... is this all for me??"  :-)

Really opening presents for the first time.  Last Christmas he was really too little, and first birthday was the same story.  But now... the paper flies!!  and no paper is left unripped... he even untied bows. haha

"... I love my football."

go for it James!!

Daddy's new hat and little Hayden.

yeah. can't get enough of this face.

or this one.  :-)  "CHEESE!!"

And for the grand finale, Monkey Bread!!  You're probably thinking, were did you get that, wait, you made that??  Is it edible? haha.  Yes, I made it. and yes, it was de-lish.  haha, I didn't even make any major mistakes.

James wasn't a very tough critic.  What a wonderful time we had together.  Thank you Matt for everything you helped us prepare and shop for- thank you boys for letting mommy get all excited and silly.  SO THANKFUL to have this time together.  May we thank our gracious Lord for His birth and for the hope and love that fills our lives here on earth.  Merry Christmas from the Proses.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Madeline is 4!!

Our sweet Madeline-y is 4 years old now- cannot believe it.  What's amazing is she was two when my James was born, and now he's gonna be two.  Talk about blowing my mind.  Makes me want to look up the pics of when they first met.  Gosh she doesn't seem like she's changed that much, I'm sure because her personality has been her bright shining trait since before she was even two!!  To me, its even hard to imagine turning the clock back.  I'm so thankful for my 'blog scrap book' that I'm doing every year.  I highly recommend it for anyone else out there who is not a scrap booker.  Love looking back over the year and reminiscing.  but I digress... Madeline is 4!!

Check out the birthday girl holding her baby cousin Hayden.  She's such a big girl now.  Ah, I really have to put up a pic of the little girls holding James now that has flashing into my mind... if only I had more time. haha.

Lovin' playing with Aunt Darcy-  We may call you 'Auntie Dar' or something like that soon enough when James can actually say your name. :-)  Love the dimples!!

James got to tag along to Madeline's gymnastic class.  He wanted to go join in SO badly! haha, it was precious.  Gymnastics envy.

Oh Monkey Joe's.  James just wanted to do what all the 'big' kids were doing, and thankfully they took an interest in the one play area that he could actually really do everything and enjoy.  It was so cool to see them playing together!! Here's to cousins and growing up together as much as we can. :-)

Sweet Corrie wanted to see how baby Hayden was doing.  Love it.  Hayden, "Is that me??"

more running...

Ahhh, queen for a day.  Tiara and all.  Love you Madeline.  Your throne was pretty cool, and your Princess Castle Cake (way to go Josh/Dar) obviously was de-lish.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELINE!!  We love your new dress- so glad you do too!!

big bro, little bro

My three guys.  hanging out, playing, rough housing (I mean being gentle :-).  Boys will be boys.  and my boys are too much fun.

Hayden's face in this one is so funny.  I can only imagine... "Mom help me!!" ...."What's going on?!?" ...

My baby boy.  just love.  He is getting to be such a sweetie.  His only flaw at this age: not sleeping well yet.  but we will get there!!  For now, he charms me with those dimples, and how can I not smile.  Sweet little fella, I can't believe how much you are changing everyday.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We wish you a Merry Christmas...

We wish you a Merry Christmas... and so does little Roo boy.

iPad by the Christmas tree with Daddy.

Playin' with the Nativity.

My type of December morning.  Ahh.

Hayden's first Christmas ornament.

James' second Christmas.

I am just a little bit excited.  Always loved this time of year, but sharing it with my boys makes it soo much sweeter. :-)

23 months old.

My little buddies.  Little James tucked himself in next to Hayden one morning in our bed.  They are getting to be so cute together.

James and Addison chillin' watching some Sid.  So good to have a day to play!

Hayden and Cohen hangin' out under the play gym.  Exactly what little buds are supposed to do. :-)

My cooking buddy.  James has really loved getting up on the step stool and 'helping' me cook.  The oven mitt is his favorite accessory.  But will he wear the apron and mitt I bought him?? nope. :-)

So thankful for the sweet moments these days.  Gotta soak in my little 23 month old before he turns 2!!  Can't believe it.

Gettin' big like your buddies Grady and Olivia. :-)

Olivia showin' you how it's done.

James.  You are such a good boy.  I just love you.

and you love your trains. :-)

disclaimer: all scatter brained blog posts are the result of this sleep deprived mommy. haha

Monday, December 5, 2011

Have a holly jolly Christmas...

Matt took the boys and I on a Christmas surprise this past Sunday evening.  We had dressed our little guys in their Christmas plaid and khakis for church that morning, and it was perfect for our little trip to the Kanapolis 'North Pole' that evening!!

Get him big Hade!!

Merry Christmas. :-)

We got there just as the train rides were starting.  Our boy was beside himself he was so excited.

You may also notice his Thomas sticker on his jacket.  Thanks Grammie. :-)  These have been his reward every time he wakes up from his nap time or night time with no paci.  A winner winner.

Back to Kanapolis.  It was nice.  The little train took us through the little park to see all the light displays.  My favorite way to see Christmas lights to date.  So much more fun that just riding in your car.  The light tunnel was the best part!

They had a few little shows set up, and ole James was amazed by the gym'bear'ee with mechanized bears singing Christmas carols. haha.

Had to take our opportunity to see Santa.  James even says 'sa-ta' when he sees all different kinds of Santas around the house or in books.  He was pretty excited while we were waiting in line, but once he got up there, he didn't know what to do! haha.  Santa thought James was just about 3 years old, and was surprised to learn that he's not even 2!  Oh Santa, you made us proud of our big boy.

Home run Dada.  Perfect Christmas surprise.

Just a few of my favorite things...

I love Christmas.  I love Christmas decorations.  I don't do a ton, but I thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the Christmas tree and the stockings over the fire place.  I love the smell of Christmas trees, and miss it because ours if a fake! :-)

But, I have a few very favorite things.  This year I am SO BLESSED to use my grandmother Momoo's Advent calendar.  I remember this from when I was a girl, and I LOVED IT.  I remember where it hung in her house.  I remember being so excited to take each of the little 'ornaments' out of the pocket each day to 'hang' via Velcro on the tree.  My Aunt Diane sent it to us last week, and as just a childhood memory, I laughed when it seemed smaller than I remember it.  Isn't that just crazy how big things seem in your memories as a kid??  But I love it.  I am so grateful to be the one who uses it!  My Mom said that it was made by my grandmother's Methodist Service League.  So crafty. :-)

Stockings.  We had our names put on our stockings this year.  We waited last year because we knew we were pregnant and of course didn't know what we would name our new little baby.  So this was our year to actually do our names.  and I love it.  We decided to go with 'Mom' and 'Dad' as opposed to our names for Matt and I.  We had a hard time deciding though- what a strange question.  What does Santa call you?? haha.

Love the tree.

My Nativity set.  Love the simplicity of this.  Love the emotion of the body language.

So excited to celebrate Christmas with my two little boys this year.  I'm already enjoying having my hot chocolate in the evening in my Christmas tree mug.  Ooh yes. :-)  Merry Christmas, everyone.