Saturday, October 13, 2012

St. Augustine, reunion of sorts.

What a treat we had the other night.  Poor Matt had been in St. Augustine all day at the hospital- was given the go-ahead to head back into town- and got called to go back.  Go figure.  BUT the boys and I were able to jump in for the ride and enjoy an evening out together in one of our favorite places.

James, "Daddy, I help you!  I help you, your bag Daddy!"

Matt and I used to go out for dates when we were still in college in St. Augustine.  I would drive down for a long weekend or break, and we have made many memories.  Favorite things: Sunrises on New Years' morning on Crescent Beach.  OC Whites.  Crescent Beach Surf Station. Cafe Havana & their live salsa music.  St. George Street.  Gelato from Cafe Hidalgo.  Shrimp Po Boy from the Florida Cracker.  Ahhh.

Speaking of: we got to take our boys for their very first visit to St. Augustine to walk St. George Street & eat at the Florida Cracker.  We've been having 'dinner battles' with our 2.5 year old strong man lately which have not been ending as well as we'd hope.  No battles this night & he ate his whole meal.  what a blessing&relief.  Trying to remember that the seasons will change as he grows & the discipline must as well.  We are being stretched & it isn't so much fun learning how to face some of the new challenges.  But, I'm glad to have the gift of recognizing my.own.need to grow alongside.  grace.

What a sweet night of perfect weather & great food & sweet family time.  We all laughed & smiled.  no one cried.  ;-)  Love the sweet intermission.

As reward for James (really because I'm just as eager), we had gelato as well.  Oh, buddy was it good.  &messy. ha.

Walking out we had to stop and show the boys the cannons in the park.  Of course James is wanting to take the cannon balls and load them in!  such a boy.  Better idea: lets ride the cannon.  Check them out.

Just because it's worth the close up:  check out the pure joy.

 What a sweet evening.  Definitely one of our favorite places & so much fun to share it with our boys.  Many more time to come.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jacksonville Zoo

(couldn't help but continue to pretend that is Fall - until I got too hot)  FL October so far is still goin' strong over 80 degrees...  enough about that. ;-)

Jacksonville Zoo, we will be seeing a lot of you.  It was so nice to go to the zoo with Grammy&Papa and spend the day together.  Starting off with the sting ray bay & trying to keep my boy from jumping in.  ;-)

best seat in the house.

"I see it with my eyes daddy?"

only a little.bit.obsessed with the train.

"I have some ice cream daddy?  I choose chocolate."

Hayden got lots of snuggles from Grammy during this trip.

Maybe best of the day: penguin window for the kids.  Check out how they just look the boys right in the eye!  so cool.

Feeding Mr. Giraffe, or Gerald as we like to call him (Giraffes can't dance).

Watching the monkeys play while playing like monkey on their own version of ropes.  cute&brilliant.

Thank Dad for taking all the pics.  Here is one shot of Papa wresting with the boys- total free for all!  We had so much fun & loving having the chance to do these kinds of things together now that we are close.

our (new) normal

These days our buddy Hayden is settling in & loves his snuggles with Daddy.

We are making new friends.

We are swimming.

We are learning to play with our friends, not just in circles around each other.

Still loving our pillow forts & hanging out in big boy undies.

My boys are already big fans of helping mommy do the laundry (now that we don't have a scary basement anymore).

We are loving being back at our church, Oakleaf Christain Fellowship.  Such a sweet homecoming.

 We are watching the rainstorms roll in everyday, as they do in FL all through September.

James finally got a haircut - much needed - and is looking so clean.cut. these days.  My cutie pie.

Little fella is using his left hand more often than his right lately - we may have a lefty!

We are settling in - getting used to our (new) normal as of late.

FL Fall y'all

Ah, Fall.  Leaves & crisp air.  scratch that, it's 90 degrees! haha. ;-)  We are having 'Fall withdrawl' from our past few years in NC and the beautiful mountains & colors & farmers markets.  SO, we sought out something to make us feel like Fall, even if only pretending.

Sweetfields Farm.  Brooksville, FL.  Mimi&Grandpa.  check them out Sweetfield Farms

Pig races.  Peanut, Butter, & Jelly competed in a best of 3 race.  Jelly was my fav. ;-)

Hayride with Grandpa.  Cheese!  worth leaving the mountains for a while.  ;-)

Live Oaks & Spanish Moss & Pumpkin Patch.  Totally Florida.

We held hands & walked together.  We saw goats on the roof (see below).  I had my hamburger stolen by a chicken (seriously? yes.)  Loved our day.  Good ole country livin'.  FL Fall, we'll get used to you. Won't be too tough.