Saturday, October 12, 2013

Little.Fish; humbled.

One of my most treasured blessings in this life: my family.  Our family is diverse, wide spread over many states, varied in background & pursuits.  Life has has not afforded us as much time together as some extended families - but the times together, correspondences, & love for each other has kept a special fondness & joy when our paths cross!

I have been so.very.humbled. that some of my family has taken the time to read my blog for my #31days posts.  It has been an exercise for me- building discipline, stretching my creativity, and pulling inspiration from my daily life & faith.  It has felt blessed- both for how I feel when I write & what I'm able to create.  

To have friends, acquaintances, or strangers read my words has been humbling, but to have Who knows me.  whom I see face to face.  who probably already knows my faults & loves me still.  To have them read my words - the outpouring of my heart really - has really been more of a challenge.  I didn't anticipate being a bit self conscious about my writing, but I have been.

I am grateful.  for those who care to read what I write (because it does mean something to me).  for those who may find encouragement because we struggle similarly.  and I am grateful for those who know me well.  and love me.  and still read what I write & love me.  ;-)

My sweet Aunt Linda has been so generous to send us some more handmade outfits for Calvin.  She knows about his heat rash problems, and thought these 'diaper shirt' outfits would be nice & cool for him.  They.are.precious & beautiful!  and best of all, special.  made with love.

I love the handmade pressed flowers on her cards.

I am humbled that out of anyone, of everyone, my family would hear my heart in my words & know me better.  Love me despite.  Thank you Lord for my sweet family, near & far.

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