Saturday, October 19, 2013

my Little.Fish. growing big&big

My little boys.  They love to talk about growing big&big - as we like to call it.  It comes up at dinner time, when we're encouraging them to try new foods, cause they might taste good & help them grow big&big.  It comes up when they ask to go to work like Daddy.  It comes up when they want to watch Batman cartoons (which I can't find any suitable ones for a 3 yr old).  It comes up when they talk about going hunting with Daddy & Papa.  It comes up at bed time when I tell them their bodies need to sleep so they can get big&big.

My little boys are already big&big for their ages, and it never ceases to amaze me.  My just-over-two year old is already the height & weight of a 3 year old, at over 36 inches & just shy of 33 lbs.  My just-over 3.5 year old is already at least 42 inches & not yet 40 lbs.  He has moved up to 5T pjs!

I truly do love these days that they are little. (so to speak)  The sweet way that James talks to Hayden about what he'll do when he gets big&big is one of my favorite things.  I know that he's going to get too big for me to carry him sooner than I'd like.  But, I'm thankful not to rush.  Gotta soak in my *little* guys while I can. ;-)

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