We are nothing special, to the naked eye.

We owe our Lord & Savior for all that we have: from how my husband & I met while serving at a high school summer camp up in NC, which has ushered us into this beautiful life.  He has given us our livelihoods: from fire fighter & teacher, & how we transitioned to Pacemakers & staying at home.  He has given us the amazing blessing of our 4 sons!! 18 & 21 & 34 months apart.

In all the pieces of our story, we seek to give him praise.  So, this is just our own daily struggle & finding deeper meaning in the simple, beautiful everyday.  and how to remember it & thank God for it.  This is our one life, and we want to practice being grateful for all we are given.

I use this blog as our family's scrap book for the most part, but I also find such resonance in my soul when I write.  I have included some tabs at the top with links to the 31 days writing challenge that I participate in every year.  I love the challenge to set aside the time, energy & space to focus on the words.  I don't know how the Lord may use it, but I pray He does!  ((I have now moved my writing space over to www.MyLifeinProse.wordpress.com Please come check it out!  My new 31 days series will be hosted here from now on...))

Thank you for visiting our little family page. :-)  Feel free to comment & ask questions.  I will do my best to answer!

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