Thursday, October 17, 2013

a Little.Fish. in a world of beauty

One thing that strikes me most about daily crazy-chaos are the moments of still.  I love to look back over some of my snap-shots of life & see

It is so EASY to miss.

Beauty found in the tender embraces of those you love & those who love you.  Nothing is more precious than to have a memory immortalized in frame of hands-on-expressions of affection & care.  Photos like these will never lose their value & it will only grow as the years pass.

This world we live in provides us endless opportunities to reach out & touch (figuratively for my example of this zoo picture, haha) what is in front of us.  So many different views, landscapes, flowers, animals, rays of light, unfathomable glimpses of beauty in every arena of life.  If we pay attention.

I was reading a blog of The Nester or maybe it was Chatting at the Sky (forgive my faulty memory), and she made such an amazing point.  I suppose I've always thought of our Lord as an incredible creator, but not ever really as an artist.  Obviously, if you asked me, I'd figure it out.  But it was never an 'understood' idea for me.  As an artist, he is amazing.  I am a fan of art that displays nature most of the time, but none ever compare to the original.  even in all the beauty one is endowed, which is to be celebrated, our Lord is matchless.

A favorite daily activity of mine is still counting gifts, which is itself a gift from Ann Voskamp.  I love seeing little hands waving to their Daddy.  The affection given freely by my boys is precious.  I don't want to become callous to moments that happen frequently but are special, gift.

Beauty is found in the celebration of life, especially a life lived well with hope in the Lord.  Pain is not absent.  But peace is present.

Celebrating a life lived well by Johnnie Myers, 86 years young.
Thank you for the glimpses of beauty in this world - gifts - glimpses of you - given to me.  Help me never stop taking the snap-shots, counting the graces, seeing you.  pain is not absent in this life, but you are present. 

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