Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little.Fish, washed by the water

My little fishes love to take a bath.  They all, always have.  Very rarely, do they ever throw a tantrum about taking a bath.  Very often, they throw a tantrum about getting.out. of their bath.

This past week, big bro helped me give our little guy his bath.  It.was.precious.  He was so happy to help & just lit up the whole room.  Baby Calvin was just as pleased.  pleased as punch.  I think these two are going to have a special bond.  It makes me so happy & brings me so much joy.

scrub a dub!

I know for me, it feels like such.bliss. to have an un-interrupted shower.  I have fondly even called it my hydro-therapy some days!  Something about being washed by the water.

I think it's the same when our Lord forgives us - takes burdens off when I've been worrying.  It is so freeing. refreshing. cleansing. renewing.

Even in the small.  even in something as simple as bath time.  We can be cleansed & given a fresh start.

spike-y baby hair!

Thank you Lord, for the simple ways you bring renewal.

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