Tuesday, January 9, 2018

O is for October

October found the boys playing lots of baseball, Matt&I at Young Life club every Monday night, me blogging daily, & our family calendar FULL of so many good things.  A season of hustle, but a season to celebrate!

These guys were getting better every game, and by the end of October, we had some good ball players!  Calvin LOVED his first season of ball, Hayden dominated this year & practiced the skills he already learned, & James figured out the pitching machine in U8.  Hayden was our play-maker, hunting down those outs! He got his game ball in one of the first games of the season, and you can tell from this face he's making, he takes it all seriously.  James was, as always, a team encourager & then became a ball crusher!  His throwing & catching improved tons this Fall, and he found the secret to the pitching machine: smile!  This kid made a home run, and started hitting consistent at the end of the season.  Calvin may be our ball player; he was an unflinching catcher, ball chaser on every play, and solid hitter.  We were so proud of all three.

Matt&I got the chance to lead program for the YL banquet!  We had a little prep to do for our costumes... can you guess who we are? ;-)

The right size cup- sometimes the balance is difficult to find.  But you gotta keep on trying to sort it out; it's always worth while.

I didn't go on many runs this Fall, but on this one, I had to take a picture of my favorite tree on River Road.  Something about it; the shape & size & way it looks standing underneath always captivate me.  The beauty of a tree is something truly unique & so ordinary that we constantly miss it.

We set up a lego table for Hayden in his room for some of his birthday projects, and every now & then, I find the big boys in there together.  David sitting in the afternoon sun light watching James play baseball.  I love catching the boys sitting in the sun.

Matt&I got dressed up for an anniversary party he needed to attend for work, and it was such a treat!  Of course it was work, but it felt a little more like play.  I'm always a little anxious to accompany my handsome hubs to his work functions, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to meet people he works with & see how those interactions take place.  I don't get many chances to meet the doctors or other sales reps for Jacksonville who compete with my husband very often!

My GQ hubs- such a stud muffin.

These boys, shirtless in matching jammies.  Playing iPad games with their favorite characters: Star Wars & Ninjago.

My Hayden, who by far expresses himself more than the other boys, gave me this sweet creation from church Sunday school.  My momma heart was so touched by the recognition of all these as gifts from me.  How gracious our God who lets us recognize what we have not as deserved, but as undeserved.  By far, me most.  Who am I that my son would say thank you to me for these things?  They are gifts from the Lord that I am able to give to him.  Praise be to God!

All dressed for church one morning, and looking so darn handsome that momma had to beg for a picture.  I take what I can get! Baseball glove, popped collar & Paci included!

The big night!  Chip & Jojo got to have their debut at the YL Banquet!  We were so happy to be a part of the banquet where we have been coming to support our County for the last few years.  Who knew that this year not only would we be Young Life volunteer leaders for a brand new club, but we would be IN the show! haha, God has been so gracious to us.  We are loving this opportunity to serve!  It's amazing to have a front row seat to all God is doing in the lives of teens in our community.

Some of my plant babies got to be decorations in my bff's design plan.  Jessica, it was gorgeous!

The students were our 'big reveal!'  They came out with their cardboard testimonies, and it was so powerful.  I tried not to cry ugly tears behind all the kids, but it was tough!  It moves me to tears every time I see kids this age be vulnerable in front of their parents & grown ups they don't know.  A beautiful testimony of the goodness of true community; where we can show up with our true self & be accepted for what we are.

My BFFs!!  I don't know what my life would be without these two.  Hannah & Jessica, y'all are the best gift!  I love y'all!!

Can't wait to see how the Lord continues to work!! My new YL bestie: Lindsay!

Some Fall colors & smells, to soothe my tired spirit.

My wild little ones!  Calvin & his hair cut; David, who stole my calculator, laying on the floor.  These are my every day sights.

The best Thank You card for our help in YL.  The generosity of our community is amazing; it's so refreshing to my heart!

James on Mustache Day for school; I couldn't stop laughing!  I found those at the dollar store, and it winds up!  The eye brows & the mustache move up&down.  soooo worth it! hahaha.  My sleeping baby, in his crib, all snuggled in.  Not often that I get to see him like this.

Calvin's class field trip to the pumpkin patch!  I love going with their preschool class every Fall, but his will be my last for a while. Crazy to have my older boys go through VPK, 3 boys in 4 years! But what fun!

We made a trip down to visit my in laws & spend a day on a farm!  Sweetfield Farms has so many fun activities, and we hadn't been in a few years.  The boys had a blast! And no chickens stole my lunch this year, ha!

Boys talked us into getting some face 'spray painting' done.  They loved it!

The Prose boy grand kids!  (Only missing Nora)

We left there, and went to see Nana in her recovery center.  It was lovely to see her looking so well, and all the boys crowed all around her!  Even David was leaning on the wall calling her name! haha, "Nana! Nana!!"

That evening, we went to First Baptist for Grandpa's Trunk or Treat at his church.  The boys got to have an early run in their costumes, and they loved it!  They haven't ever gotten to go with their cousins before; it was a treat! (no tricks!)

Sunday morning with Mimi&Grandpa!  My how these boys have grown in only a year.

Calvin has learned to write his name so well, so quickly!  Hayden used his book to write & illustrate his first story about some knights.  It makes me so proud to see them being creative!  I love watching their pride in their work.

I have LOVED seeing my amazing hubs be a leader for YL and an example for the young men of our town to look up to.  These fellas really took to Matt quickly, and I absolutely love watching him serve & lead & teach.  It's a joy to my heart!

Halloween finally came & we bundled up for the story book parade!  I had a little bit of trouble finding books for my boys' costumes this year: Clone troopers.  But I did it!  So they got to march in their costumes & were a bit hit!  So happy it was cold this year; that was another treat, not sweating on Halloween!

Hayden & James!

After school one day we drove out to see the peacocks that live across from Hanna's house.  They even had albino peacocks out there too!  What fun we have parking & just watching them for a while.

James carved his own pumpkin this year, and he had to send a picture of his baby brother to his teacher.  He had told her all about the Ewok costume, and she wanted to see too!

Check these guys out!  Commander Fox, Comander Gree, Comander Cody, & an Ewok!

Daddy carved the ghost & James carved the bat!

Thank you Lord for all we were able to see & do & be a part of.  You pack so much into our one life, and we are so thankful.