Wednesday, June 26, 2019

September 2018!

September! You were a month of celebration for us: the Wests twins' adoption became finalized!! So we threw some parties & enjoyed the chance to mark the moment in time. Josiah & Joshua West, I have prayed for you for years, but I didn't know there would be two of you! I have been overwhelmed by the goodness of the gift you are to Zac&Hannah. What a JOY you are to know. Praise the Lord!

Hannah, I couldn't help but buy these awesome Tonka trucks after hearing the story about them! I think it is so cool that you get to 'pass down' the tradition of having them to your boys. Love it!

Hannah, we love you & are so happy to celebrate with you. Girls' brunch was a huge success!

This new space still holds such beauty for me. I had to capture this snapshot of our dear Pastor Jeff as he stands up on to teach. May this space continue to be filled with your beauty Lord & your Spirit! amen. 

Matt & David. Matt & his mini-me. I fail to do justice to how funny & cute & silly & happy this guy is. David, you bring a light & joy into our lives that we cannot measure. We are so thankful for you!

First time for lunch at school with mom for Calvin! I love going on BOGO days for the Chick Fil A mini biscuits, and it is always such fun for the boys to get to eat outside with each other & their brother. 

Young Life Crud Wars for the Jacksonville area 2018! We had a blast up until a dozen cars got their windows smashed & their possessions stolen. We don't know why things like that happen especially to high school students at a YL event, but we pray the Lord redeem us all through whatever means he chooses. May we trust you Lord even when things feel bad,  and we experience suffering. You are good & you love us & we can trust you!! 

This is Matt giving the Crud Wars announcement. I love his run on character!

These boys of mine: I cannot help but snap a pictures of them when they are all in a row. Seeing the four of them together will never get old.

These sweet animal masks were the beginning of our decorations for Zac&Hannah's baby shower at our house! We threw them a low country boil with a 'wild' theme. We invited our YL friends & families over to help us celebrate their finalized adoption! But these masks were just so cute!!

We love you Joshua & Josiah!!

Matt got tickets for the Jacksonville Jaguars with a friend, & he was able to take James & Hayden! they had a blast going to their first Jags game. Thanks Kevin & Yvette!

The younger boys & I went to firehouse subs after church together. They didn't mind too much not getting to go. Their turn will come!

A few of our new YL friends!!

Dad Day at school!

James, Hayden & Calvin got to take a trip to Legoland with Mimi&Grandpa for their birthdays, so David & I went out to the coffee shop with Hannah & her boys. :-) 

They had a blast!!! What a treat to spend with with their grandparents.

OPHS Homecoming 2018! Matt&David&I got to enjoy the football game, and I was able to run into some of my favorites from Young Life! The girls only become more sweet to me as the years begin to stack up, and I realize how much more they mean to me today than they did when I snapped this photos!

The boys & Mimi&Grandpa met us at my favorite place in Orlando: Fred's! We were able to have a meal together & hear the stories starting to pour our from their adventure. We took them home that night happy&filled up. The memories they made are treasures!

These boys of mine: all sitting in church in a row beneath one of my favorite paintings there vs. their jokes and sense of humor always ignited by any&all kinds of potty talk. Their creation, 'smell a butt' is a prime example, and you can see their glee all over their faces. Yes, they are darling & good, but they are also boys who love to laugh at the word poop. This phase may last a long time!

Ah, Lord! Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate what has come. Thank you for all you've brought into our lives. Thank you for the days where we gather with our friends or family. Thank you for how you knit our hearts together. Thank you for the chance to serve not only our friends & family, but also to seek out those to whom we may speak your name to for the first time. Help us Lord, prepare us for the good work you have planned for us to do. Give us wisdom & grace & courage to do hard things. Thank you for all the harvest we get to see!! Amen.