Thursday, June 24, 2010

yuck, seriously

So babies do some things that are not cute. Like throwing up. Every now and then James will nurse in the morning and not get the air bubbles out in the middle of his meal. This is disastrous, due to the projectile spewing that occurs when the meal is over and the air bubbles force their way out, behind all his breakfast. We have had this happen twice IN our bed, which was really gross, but today it was at least not in our bed. I was up in the nursery with James, and seriously, it went everywhere. I've never seen anything like it. Needless to say I was soaked. really gross.

hopefully we did a good job cleaning up the mess- I can't think of anything more gross to have in your carpet. wow. Sorry to anyone who didn't want to read about this topic. As an apology, here is a cute picture of James. Only cuteness. :-)

I'll explain this one- he is in his bouncer watching Baby Einstein. He sometimes gets really cranky before his morning nap, so to quell the storm, he plays in his bouncer and watches his video before he naps. As you can see, he loves it.

Ok so I couldn't resist putting this one in. James was on the floor ON this blanket to start off with. He's rolling non stop now, so he was playing while I was doing something in the kitchen, and ta da! I look down and he's got the blanket over his head. It was too funny, but he did cry. Poor fella! Nonetheless hilarious.

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