Monday, June 28, 2010

look Mom, no hands!!!

James is sitting up now, when we sit him up. :-) At our last Dr. visit, our awesome Dr. told us that he should start practicing sitting up and putting his arms down, or 'tri-podding.' I thought that was so funny, but we've definitely been helping him get his little muscles in shape to sit up on his own. And now, he has started to sit up without having to have at least one hand down!! It just started this past weekend, and I got a good shot of it today.

I really love seeing him do new things, but another part of me can't believe my little baby boy is already growing up and needs me less and less. I know, I'll have plenty of time to get my snuggles in now while he's little, but in some way, I look at him now and think, will I remember how precious he is right now in 10 years?? Will I forget how sweet the sound of his little voice is? Again, I know I can make video, but that's not the same. I've only come up with the solution of being as thankful as I can be everytime I think about how fleeting the moments are.

I mean come on, look at that face. haha, he makes me laugh so much. He's been playing so much now; I can just hang out with him while he rolls around the floor exploring everything. It is so funny to watch what peaks his interest. He rolled in front of his armoire today and just stared up at his clothes hanging there. He may be a little like his momma after all. :-)

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