Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Caffeine, I thought we were friends

I've always been more resilient to caffeine than I would have liked. Especially in college; I could drink it anytime of day or night and still fall asleep with exceptional ease. Well, not anymore. I am thinking that my giving up caffeine while I was pregnant really cleansed my system to it, and now if I have sweet tea at night then I'm staying up till midnight without noticing what time it is. I have been having a cup in the morning with James when he gets up- obviously not sharing it with him, haha. He does try however, and I think we'll end up calling my coffee something funny like 'Mommy's juice' or 'Mommy's milk' like my friend's child does.

So, excuse the randomness of the post 'Look Mom, no hands!' It was a product of the caffeine causing my brain to run too quickly for that time of night.

Here is a cute picture of James and Matt. Matt sometimes rocks the bow tie to work, and I just love it. Say what you will, but he looks darn good in it! James is wearing a little onsie that says 'Future Ski Dude' from Snowshoe, WV. It's pretty darn cute, but really it should say, 'Future boarder Dude.' By the time he learns what's cool, skiing will probably be back in, and us old people will snowboard and complain about those young ski punks.

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