Friday, June 11, 2010

My favorite Spring ever. buckle up

From June 1, 2010

Living in Hickory this spring has been my favorite spring of all time. Not only because we actually have the season known as 'spring' which didn't exist in FL, but because we live in a house where the people planted the most awesome garden ever which keeps blooming new things in succession.

We started this spring with Daffodils, (ps. I knew the names of none of these flowers, so I'm learning this as we go, haha) and Camellias. We had yellow, while, and a blend of yellow and white Daffodils, and we had light pink, dark pink, and red Camellias. Really beautiful. The Daffodils popped up all over town, which was so awesome to see flowers so early in spring. For us it has just gotten warm, like 60s people.

I thought my favorite tree in our yard was the weeping cherry blossom, until the tree behind it began to bloom. I'm actually not sure what it is, but the blooms were so full that the branches actually fell too low for us to park underneath like
we had been, and when the petals fell, the driveway looked like a bed of roses, pink ones. It was really something.

We also had lots of other things blooming at once. We had little cherry blossom-like bushes in the yard that bloomed more of a red. There is this one tree that bloomed purple, which was kind of crazy; it stayed that way for a while too which was kind of cool. We saw some around town that had been pruned to much and they looked like they were covered in purple mold or something, pretty crazy tiny little flowers.

It seemed like each time something bloomed next it was my favorite, but really the tulips were getting really close to my favorite. Purple, pink, red, and almost a tangerine color. Again, I know nothing of gardening, so it was a total surprise when they popped up at the base of our lamp post in the front yard.
If you could have seem me, it was probably hilarious as I tried to take James' picture with each new flower that bloomed. I took his little boppie and bumbo seat outside and tried to get him in the shots with the blooms, needless to say it was never very successful, haha. The most luck I had was taking his 3 month old pics with the Azaleas in our yard. Unlike in FL, they only stuck around for a few weeks which was different.

My current favorite thing blooming in our yard are the Hydrangea. We have a couple that are almost blue, mostly a blueish purple; some pink; some lightly colored like pale pinks and purples; and I love them all. Blooming alongside these are little yellow flowers, buttercups? I don't exactly know. And, rival for current favorite, orange Day Lilies.

I need to take some pictures of those, and I'll show you. Thanks for reading about my yard. Next spring you know where to come visit if you would like to see some really beautiful flowers.

I couldn't resist putting this one in. It's too funny.

Have a wonderful day, and Yeah Summer!!! (but also, good bye Spring. You were wonderful.)

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