Saturday, June 19, 2010

my little red head

Most people when they meet James take a few minutes and then say, "oh, and he seems to be a little bit of a red head."

I keep forgetting that those of you how don't see us very often or haven't ever met James personally probably don't realize that he's a red head. Yup, more auburn than bright red normally, but in direct sunlight he looks mighty red friends. You may ask, where does he get it?? Well my grandfather on my Dad's side was a red head, firey too from what I'm told. Matt's grandfather James (cool huh?) was a red head, his mother is one, and his brother John is too. John's hair is more auburn colored than bright red, and secretly I'm hoping that James' will be that way too because I think auburn colored hair is soo pretty. And, for as cute as he is I'm sure it won't matter if he turns up with bright red hair. He'll be a lady killer anyway. :-)

So here's some proof with a little color boost so you can see that beautiful red hair. Enjoy!!

ps. Father's day is tomorrow!!! I'm so excited :-) James and I made Matt a special surprise! :-) pics to come...

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