Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just a little recap

I hope you don't mind bearing with me while I recap our Father's Day. The day was just too good to let it fade away into my post-pregnancy memory without writing down some of the details. It really seemed like a gift from the Lord; just that I didn't really have a plan, yet it couldn't have been better.

So we woke up and first thing I wanted to give Matt his special coffee cup that James and I made. James wasn't in the 'best' of moods, haha. Matt got his cup and James was crying, so I decided to take him out of the bedroom and let Matt get a little more sleep. This worked out like a dream because James got to play, I got to put up my Father's Day photo blog, Matt got to sleep, and I was able to put James down for a nap and cook Matt breakfast in bed. :-) Egg and cheese sandwiches, orange juice, and fresh lilies from our yard. The breakfast tray also included the baby monitor with our little sleeping buddy on it. It was pretty awesome.

So we got ready for church, and weren't late (!). The service was really nice, and afterwards we got a good, no an awesome recommendation for bbq in Blowing Rock, NC. It is called Woodlands if anyone is interested, and it was GREAT. haha. I really liked it, can you tell? It was a beautiful drive up; James slept in the car. We got seated with no wait, and there was a guitarist playing soft, acoustic songs to give a lovely atmosphere. Lunch, awesome.

Matt wanted to drive up to see the actual 'blowing rock' that gives the town its name. So we go up to the little park, pay our $12 to get in, and it was again, awesome. Beautiful views, no hiking (which we do like to do, but not in our church clothes), and really nice, cool breeze. Sitting up in the shade, enjoying the breeze- it was, you guessed it, awesome. We gave my Dad a call to say happy day while looking out over the valley. :-)

We almost called it a day; James was getting sort of sleepy in the backseat. But, we decided to go into the town of Blowing Rock and maybe just walk around and look at the shops. What a great idea. That town is so cute; the shops are so nice and everything is clean. It's the kind of little town where they have fresh flowers hanging on the street lamps, there's a park in the middle of the down town, and all the shops are nice. Did I mention that our plan then included Kilwin's ice cream waffle cones and listening to the live bag pipe band playing in the park?? No, no plan that day but it was truly, awesome. I don't think there could have been a better way to celebrate Matt's 1st Father's day.

We drove home; James slept in the backseat. Took some pictures (see previous post) of Matt's special gift. Fed James some sweet potatoes, changed him and put him to bed. We ate, watched some tv, and went to bed. Such a great day. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to celebrate. :-)

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  1. love it! so glad yall made the trip to blowing rock... its seriously the best day trip from hickory!!! we did it a million times :)