Friday, June 11, 2010

Visit from Mimi and Nana

James had a quick visit from his Mimi and Nana yesterday and today. What a whirlwind it was! Matt's mom, his grandmother, and his Aunt all came up for a visit to see us. Yeah right, to see James!! haha, and probably the flowers blooming in our yard too (see previous post). The scenery itself and the weather is worth the drive. (so any of you considering a visit, poke, poke).
James loved his visit and got some really nice time to enjoy his family.

He also got spoiled rotten by them when we went to the local baby boutique. That store is dangerous!! Too many awesome toys, books, clothes, shoes, and accessories for a baby. I know we spent at least an hour in that one little shop. I'm planning to take some pictures of him playing with some of his new toys for them, so I'll put one up when I get a chance. Honestly, I feel like they bought all the toys just for me to play with! haha, it is really funny how it feels that way when people bless your child, it feels like a direct blessing for you. PS. Krista, Melody got a present in that shop too, so be on the look out! It is sooo much fun.

Thanks again for visiting Mrs. Teresa. :-)

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