Saturday, June 19, 2010

James goes swimming!!

Our first trip to the YMCA pool here in town...

Our little water baby!! Matt and I took James to the pool on Thursday, and he had such a great time!! I think our little man is a people watcher like his parents; he enjoyed looking at everything and everyone more than really the water!! I was actually surprised by his lack of interest in the water because he loves his bath so much. This is definitely the most water he's ever been in though, so I'm sure the experience was just kind of new to him still. He did look pretty happy to start off with! This is all pre-dunk. :-)

We started out in the baby section, but it was so crowded that we thought, well, we'll just take him into the regular pool so he can kind of swim around while we hold him. I was really glad Matt was there because we could just pass him in and out without having to try to get in or out while holding him. He was too cute, our little baby shark.

Is it funny that I now question what type of swim wear I should wear because I'm a mother? Should I be more modest now that a little boy is in my care? I do honestly think that my days in bikinis are over, but since I haven't actually gone to buy a new bathing suit, here I am in my bikini. My plan of just keeping my cover up on while we played in the little baby pool was thrown out when we decided to take him in the big pool. So, sorry YMCA patrons, you were subjected to this new mommy in a bikini. Shocking I know, haha.


  1. Love the baby shark! Can't wait to see you guys:D The bikini still looks good. Love,mom

  2. how did the dunk go? day at the pool i tried to blow in Riley's face and put her under just for a fraction of a second and she choked...i felt horrible!