Sunday, June 6, 2010

My first attempt to 'note' - James has cereal (May 26, 2010)

So I've been inspired by my friend Meredith McDaniel who creates these wonderful little 'notes' containing snippets of her life and photos of memorable occasions, ordinary or not. I've decided that instead of just uploading a new album of pictures of James or what we're doing these days that I should share instead so you get a sense of us. I've really enjoyed reading the blog of my friend Ashley Jones, but in seeing inside her life I feel like I know her still, though we don't often catch up. This is my attempt to share something with those of you whom I love and don't catch up with enough. My little life 'notes.' One other 'note' worthy person I could name for my inspiration is my sister Christina, who 'noted' her entire road trip. Seriously, I'm planning to print mine out and try to make a little book ever now and again of memories. You should make a road trip book christina from your notes.

So James' first experience with baby rice cereal. It was so much fun.

He had what some call "interest" in the food! haha.

Although he didn't eat a lot of his first bowl, his 2nd and 3rd bowls this week he's eaten the whole thing. I'm sure you can't imagine why.

The sippy cup he did well with, although he disliked that it was filled with water. He made this little squeaking noise when he was gumming the little spout of the cup, it was too funny. I think our little guy is going to be a good eater.

check out James' hand holding Matt's thumb. Sometimes I am still stunned by how little he is, even while he's growing so big so quickly.

thanks for reading my little 'note'. hopefully, more to come soon.

My favorite one. too cute.

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