Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome, Welcome!

We had a little welcome party for you, my little Calvin Dean.  We had to give all our family members, near and far, the chance to come and love on you.  and that they did.  ;-)  Auntie Michelle got to come in & got to hold you first.

Grammy & Papa weren't far behind, and here is your sweet Grammy, soaking in some precious baby snuggles before she had to share!  ;-)

Mimi & Grandpa came up for the day, and we were lucky enough to even have your great grandmother Nana come all the way up from Tampa to meet you.  Your great Aunt Lisa, Uncle Gene, and Ryan also made the drive up to celebrate with us.

You started off the party in your precious little bow tie that Aunt Natassja made, but sadly, you had an incident of the diaper sort, and we didn't get very many pictures of you in it.

We wanted to share all our sweet newborn photos with our family, so we set up a gallery over our fireplace.  Aunt Natassja worked her magic again and made a precious welcome banner for us which was the perfect decoration for our little gathering.

It was so much fun to have your cousin Jack come to meet you.  He gave you very sweet kisses & even sang you the ABCs.

Jack didn't mind sharing his mommy & daddy with you.  Uncle Mike & little Cal.

Aunt Natassja was even subjected to your diaper incident, but she is so great- it didn't bother her a bit.  She loved her snuggles no matter the cost.  ;-)

Your Daddy & Papa were the chefs for the day, and made a Beaufort Stew (minus the crab legs) which was delicious.  We love a good southern meal- and Auntie Michelle made sure the cooking times were followed!

We all had a great time celebrating you.  Great food, wonderful family, fun swimming together, many memories made.  We are so glad to have you, our first little FL boy, and to have you grow up with your family close(r) by.

James became attached to Nana's dog, and even ate his cake one handed or sitting on her leash.  The only thing he was willing to give her up for was to go swimming. haha.  He was so cute waiting patiently, all by himself, in the dining room, for his cake to be delivered.  That is anticipation- and it was precious.

Our family of 5 + Gram.  love seeing us all together.

We are so grateful to welcome you into our family & bring you into our home.  We thank the Lord for giving you to us, and we are enjoying watching you grow&grow already.  Our precious little fella, Calvin Dean.  and Thanks to Mimi&Grandpa for the cake!

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