Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I love mother's day & father's day.  I wish I had always made a big deal of these holidays for my own mom&dad, but at least I figured it out one day.  ;-)  But, my boys celebrating me & getting the chance to celebrate the father that my husband is to our boys is so humbling.  The task of being a mother or father is such a daunting one, such a challenge, but such a gift.  I think the simple opportunity to recognize sacrifice in each other & celebrate what we've been given in our children.

My precious 3rd boy & my beautiful gift to commemorate each of them.

I love getting all my fellas together in one shot.  and nothing makes my heart sing like seeing my husband love our boys well.  Happy Father's Day to you my love- you are such a wonderful father.  I hope our boys all grow up to truly see you and count themselves blessed.

our home is filled with little.BOY.joy.

little feet will be treasures to me for a lifetime.

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