Monday, July 15, 2013

Hayden's 2nd year

I have felt a strange sense of disconnect with Hayden's 2nd year of life - When we lived in Charlotte, he was just a baby, and had so many sweet milestones & memories that were so special.  We celebrated his 1st birthday & then immediately (like 2 days later) moved out of our house for a 5/6 weeks of in between.  He started walking in that time & I was so sick from being very early pregnant.  Those days of being just exhausted & house hunting & being unsettled & moving made my memories blur.  I turned around after finally getting settled in & my baby was all the sudden a big boy!! walking, talking a blue streak, chasing his bro, climbing stairs, throwing tantrums, you name it.  Walking myself back through how much he's changed has helped me see why the year felt like it ran away without me- he just grew&changed&changed&grew.

Hayden's 1st birthday - July 27, 2012

My little guy learning to walk at Grammy's house - August 8, 2012

A face that has become quite the classic for him.  Sea World - August 2012

Hayden the baby shark.  insisted on walking around & even carrying that football by himself - October 28, 2012

Hayden, ready to take on the world.  Thanksgiving 2012

Such a precious shot of him looking like such a little boy all of the sudden.  Christmas 2012

learning to enjoy life in FL.  Started sleeping in his toddler bed & sitting in a booster seat at the big table - January 2013

My precious fella who definitely felt the 'middle squeeze' somehow as the least needy child.  Oh my sweetheart, mommy tries so hard not to let you get squeezed too much.  March 2013

Meeting his baby brother & getting to be a big brother himself.  He has been such a helper for mommy & so loving.  April 2013

This fella can throw one heck of a tantrum.  the brave, sad, sword fighter.  Poor guy feeling the squeeze.  May 2013

Hayden's 'surprise' face.  one of my all time favorite things.  June 2013

Amazingly, Hayden naps for 1-2.5 hours in the afternoon & goes to bed 7-7:30 and sleeps till 7-7:30 the next morning.  He's running through life just as fast as he can to keep up with big bro during his days playing cars, trains, coloring, riding bikes, swimming.  He knows his name & has an amazing memory & vocabulary.  He can count to 14 (say whaaat??!?), he knows his colors (except yellow), he can sing the ABCs as well as many different songs.  He is already engaged in creative play where he changes the main character within his own stories.  He is blowing my mind.  No wonder I couldn't keep up with this little guy.  For his 2 year Doctor appt. he was 31.5 lbs & 38 inches tall, which is the average size of a 3 year old.

Hayden bug, we are amazed by you!!  So blessed to watch you grow&change everyday.  We love you so much & are so glad you are in our family.

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