Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Random photo of my eldest fella who was happily demonstrating the usefulness of our counter-height bar stools in our kitchen.  These are the only kind that don't take up the space we need to walk- and we gladly picked them up on craigslist.  I have such a strong desire to 'feather this nest' that we call home, but it is such a slow& steady process.  I would be wonderful to just- and be done, but that's just not feasible for us.  I think the Lord has been teaching me more about how to cherish the people in my home & not overly consumed with furnishing & decorating it.  and teaching me patience in providing exactly what we want & 'need' for the spaces we have.  How humbling to look in our home & see new kitchen chairs, new bar stools, and a new buffet in our dining room that we spent very little on because we bought them second hand?  I pray that with all the blessings we have, we never feel 'entitled' to have more, but can rejoice in what's been provided for us.

Ok, we took our little guys to their 1st movie experience for the 4th, since it was terribly hot that day & we wanted to take them out for something fun.  We had a gift card from our favorite baby sitter ;-) from Christmas time that we had yet to use, so he was able to bless our whole family with a movie & popcorn treat.  Our guys did ok- got a little scared (Monsters University), but did manage to stay in the wings of the theater until the end of the show. haha

Ironically, the 4th of July has not been a holiday that we have formed any sort of tradition in celebrating.  Our anniversary falls on the 1st, and before we had kids we took the time away for ourselves to celebrate.  Now, since we've been in the moving-changing jobs-transitioning-renting-having kids-stage, we haven't hardly done any vacationing or traveling that didn't involve visiting grandparents.  However, now that we are back in FL & don't have to take all my hubs' vacation days for trips back, we are thinking more&more about some of the traditions that we would enjoy.

So, its decided.  We love the beach & the beach is the perfect destination for the 4th.  I'm looking forward to the day when we can stay for the fireworks at the beach, but lucky for us, we live right by the St. John's river, so we still got to see them over water.  Fireworks are just better over water. ;-)

That dimple chin gets me every.time.

James & Hayden (and soon enough Calvin) hilariously have narrow waists & show their little bottoms when we play at the beach.  I think it is adorable, and I laugh every time.  Do I pull up their pants? yes sir, you better believe it.  Do they slide back down & I snap another picture?  yes sir, you better believe it!!

James has also been learning how to jump more effectively.  He really got some air this last trip!

Raising boys is such a humbling experience.  I've been talking to James about self control lately, and it is so funny how it flips right back to me when I think I"m teaching him.  My boys struggle at this age with melting down, screaming at each other, crying loudly & fiercely, and playing tug-of-war over a disputed item.  I have been encouraged by the idea that these issues stem from passionate personalities - and they will grow to be men who either have control over their tempers or don't.  I know they feel these emotions with intensity, and it's not easy to break free from the hold of your emotions when they've got you in a choke hold.  I'm so grateful that our Lord gives freedom from any & every chain that entangles us, but allows us to feel the 'thorn in the flesh' and make choices in the midst of every stressful situation.  Even mommy who faces the: screaming-baby-who-has-a-dirty-diaper & crying-toddler-who-wants-everything-brother-has & fussy-preschooler-who-needs-to-ask-WHY.  even mommy needs to take a deep breath and display some self control to tackle  with.grace.  They are all individuals & its not their fault that they are overwhelming sometimes.

I am learning so much by being their mommy.  I never knew I had such little knowledge of this life & its complexities until they entered mine.

 My desire for them to grow up as wise, strong men with the integrity of their father is only superseded by my desire for them to be exactly what God has laid out for them already.  Oh Lord that you would help us embrace them each for who they are, uniquely created in your image, and a gift to us.

Oh Lord that they would KNOW you in this life & that we could see that day with these eyes.

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