Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Our little Calvin Dean is 2 months old now!!  It is truly.amazing. to see how fast he is growing.  I have gotten such a kick out of seeing the change very clearly as I look at him in his car seat. (3 weeks vs. 8 weeks).  He was about 9 lbs 11 oz in the left, and on the right he was close to 12 lbs 10 oz - amazingly 3 pounds bigger but looks every bit of it in the picture!

James & Hayden love snuggling with Calvin.  They are sweet enough to even share a little space in their beds with him sometimes.  They never let an opportunity go by to love on him to talk to him, & he loves it.  He smiles so big for them & watches them all the time.

our little mini matt.  ;-)

Our big fella was so brave for all his shots at the Dr's office.  He was 12 lbs 11 oz & 24 1/4 inches long.  Amazingly, despite the variety of their birth weights (J- 7 lbs 14 oz / H- 9 lbs 11 oz / C- 8 lbs 7 oz) they were ALL about 13 lbs and 24 inches long at 2 months old.  James grew the fastest, but Hayden started out the biggest.  I am enjoying seeing how different & unique they all are, but also enjoying some small ways that they are very much alike.

Oh.little.buddy.  at 2 months old, you are going to sleep around 8pm every night & waking up usually 2 times at night.  Still struggling to nap during the day time unless we are out&about, but as we speak, you have taken your longest nap to date in your crib! (going on about an hour!?!)  You are smiling all the time, and very alert.  grabbing your paci & snuggling your elephant.  Not quite reaching & grabbing yet, but getting very close!  you are holding up your head very well & still not quite happy about tummy time yet.  You do like laying on your back to play & love it when your brothers show you how to use all your toys.  You are such a quiet baby, but starting to have little cooing conversations which are so sweet.  You make such silly faces these days & in my attempts to get a clear shot of your beautiful eyes, sometimes I come away with little gems like this one.  ;-)


You have changed SO.MUCH. from when you were born - totally lost your newborn look & are every bit into the alert infant stage.


Favorite thing about being 2 months old: baby smiles & little laughs.

 Way to go on your napping little fella, we will keep working on it for sure!  Excited for longer naps, for more normalcy in our days & more chores finished at our house - but it will come with a little bit of sadness for sure with the fading of these early days where you just loved being held.

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