Tuesday, July 2, 2013

sweet firsts.

over the last few weeks, we have gotten into a little bit of a groove with our.3.boys.  We have been adventurous, and gotten out of our house a bit.  We actually took our little guys out to lunch after church without even realizing that it was actually the first time we had tried it.  Table for... 5!?!

We all ventured out for a run - Daddy&James with the single stroller and Mommy&the little boys in the double stroller.  It has become a favorite activity, although mommy sometimes runs a bit out of steam these days, haha.

This was the first time I've caught Hayden all snuggled in with daddy like this - my siblings and I used to sit behind my dad's knees on the couch.  haha nostalgia.

 I have felt the same way with each of my boys when it comes time to pack up clothes they have outgrown.  This was the first time I've spent packing up clothes that I don't plan to use again myself & seeing all Calvin's 0-3 month clothes packed up before he's even 2 months old is just a bit sad.  Soon enough, I'll be putting away my beautiful bassinet, and Cal will have his first night in his room.  so bittersweet.

my silly boy - I love these faces.

nothing better than baby smiles.

maybe the first time I've gotten a very candid shot of my handsome hubs - no wonder I have such cute kids.  ;-)

We have started to enjoy some more music experiments together, and despite Hayden covering his ears, James was actually pretty good at the trumpet for his first try.  My boys love any excuse to make loud noises, and this was no exception.

We have now been to the MOSH here in town!  I am so glad that I went with Matt, my big boy chaser, so that Calvin&I could take our time in the stroller and not worry about the boys running too fast.  These kind of trips are so much fun but it does pose a challenge as well.  Looking forward to more trips to the Museum of Science & History in Jax!

I really am amazed how much our boys have GROWN.  I really can't believe that Hayden is up to my hips & James is at my waist now.  He washed his hands at the kitchen sink the other day - by himself - at Grammy&Papas house. no stool.  He now asks for 'privacy' sometimes when he has to use the bathroom.  But, he is still such a little boy in many ways that I try not to let myself miss out on the little moments of growth or the little moments of toddler hood that are quickly on their way out.

My 2nd budding musician.  Ah, to hear them sing 'bone bags' or 'jingle bells' as loud as they can while strumming as hard as possible is music to my ears, well, heart.  ;-)

and you. calvin.  I'm waiting to see if your eyes keep changing or if they stay this dark blue with a gray center.  maybe soon we'll have a 'first' shot where we can really see those gorgeous eye of yours in their permanent color.

oh.my. dimples&chubs&laughs.  These first laughs are totally unmerited & if I could do something to deserve them, I would.

your little personality starting to come out.  goofy gus.

mommy's first time with all 3 boys in the pool!  (let it be known that I knew daddy was on his way home - the bravery of incoming backup is a little more than usual).  Little Calvin has been a good sport for swimming time - but he doesn't last too long.

 This very-hands-on momma has been letting go a bit lately.  we actually had play dough time where I did not try to keep them from mixing the colors & it was much less supervised than normal.  No play dough was eaten during this morning activity, but one baby was nursed (hence the necessity to give freedom).  sometimes, its just good.  and it helped me get out my vacuum like I needed to.  ;-)

ok, first time I've captured this hilarious 'surprise' face of Hayden's.  I seriously ask him to do this all.the.time. for my own enjoyment.  I love it & so does he.

Calvin is starting to have some play time & tummy time hanging out on the floor.  It is so fun to have this beginning stage again - I've almost forgotten how very slowly life starts with babies compared to the 'life at a run' stage with my toddlers.

 I realized I do leave myself out of the photos so often - weeks will go by without any pics of me with my boys - so I take them myself.  haha, at least I'll be able to enjoy the little glimpse of what my family sees (on the days that I have actually gotten suitable for pictures...).

believe it or not: what very well could have been their first 'yes' 'no' fight over whether or not Curious George sitting in the napkin basket was funny.  Hayden was for the 'yes!!' and James, the 'no!'  I'm fairly certain that we will have more of these to come & will probably not be as cute.

so many changes & first times doing things.  I'm actually surprised by how simple & repetitive our life feels in the moment, but how when penned to paper (hypothetically) simple things can become so valuable.  Of course these simple things are valuable to me because they are about my family & my life - but even I forget sometimes or become very caught up in the business of diapers & snacks & crumbs & potty accidents & laundry & fighting over toys.  It is so easy to become weary, but I find such peace in recounting what occurs as a gift from God.  I'm learning (and re-learning) how to accept each day, and not label it 'bad' but just difficult, and thank God for giving it to me.  all of them.  I'm able to continue to serve my family - with joy - when recognizing that it could not have been given.  Oh if only I can keep this lesson & live my one life well.  What amazing things the Lord can do.

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