Tuesday, June 18, 2013

it's hard work being a baby.

From the look of this guy, you'd think he sleeps all the time.

but the truth is, he sleeps great at night (for a newborn & 1month old) - he just doesn't like to nap during the day if we aren't holding him.  It makes for long days, but I know I'll miss holding him when he's sleeping in his crib soon enough.

We haven't left our house much lately.  It is some serious work to take all 3 of my little guys anywhere alone, so I just haven't done it.  We are blessed to have lots to entertain us at home & it just makes for an interesting season of ours.  Just call us 'homebodies'.  but at least we have a gorgeous view.

This little man is going to grow up tall, dark & handsome.  I have no idea what color his eyes will be, but watching them is one of my favorite things.  They are currently almost navy blue around the edges & lighter in the center - almost grayish.  Then again I'll look and I think they could be olive green!  haha, one does have a brown fleck or two, so for now, my bet will be placed on hazel.

best thing about being 5 weeks old??   SMILES.

best thing about this pic?  Calvin = mini Matt.

Keep smiling little bro, no one can make you smile as much as your big brothers can.  and no one is more excited about it, except maybe mommy.  ;-)

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