Monday, July 22, 2013


Having a new little guy has brought with it so many 'firsts' for our little man & our family.  I have been cherishing the time that we get to do things for the 'first time' again - even if we as a family of 4 had already done them - going to our favorite places to eat or even favorite places to play are 'new' for us again.  haha, re-learning life part 3.  Little Calvin below learned how to roll over for the first time - tummy to back - at 2.5 months old (just like his older brothers).  I love this milestone because it is such a heads up.  None of mine were intentional with their 'roll over' skills; it always appeared to be just an accident - and even scared them some!  Isn't that an interesting mirror to our adult lives, haha.

One of the best 'firsts' is meeting family members.  We are blessed with so many aunts & uncles for our boys, it has taken a while for them all to meet our newest little guy.  Still one more to go... Calvin recently got to meet his Uncle John who lives up in TN while he was on a trip down to FL.  We had so much fun seeing him and 'aunt' Kelsey whom the boys just really enjoy as well.

 There aren't a whole lot of things in this world that are much more fun than having time with your family where you just get to enjoy each other.

I love that Calvin was wearing this onsie when we took him to see his Uncle John.  I affectionately would like to give Uncle John the responsibility of teaching little Cal how to survive as the youngest of 3 brothers.  "what's it like to be the littlest little bro??"

The blessing of seeing the bond between our boys grow&grow.  I will never get tired of hearing, "mommy, put Calvin next by me!!"

Hayden has become our budding artist, and has even inspired his big bro to take a little more interest in coloring as well.  This has led to the unfortunate relocation of all the art supplies after they got them our without mommy's help & ended up with marker on the carpet.  I'm just glad we have an older kitchen table & second hand chairs were we can color & eat & make messes & enjoy things together with some closer mommy eyes.

creativity a la Publix.  A shopping buggy with 2 boys & one wrapped up on momma inspired the check out clerk to bless us with some coloring supplies, haha.

I am just waiting for the day that he holds him head up 90 degrees so I can take his picture.  For now, tummy time is still not a favorite activity, and he prefers to be on his back still.  Those little arms and legs are learning how to reach & kick & play though!

Every time my 3 boys sleep at once in the afternoon feels like some kind of miraculous gift.  I cannot tell you how it refreshes me to have some afternoon coffee & my Bible & my latest read & my blog.  I have not done chores during this time yet.  ;-)

Favorites:  James has just recently started expressing to us that certain things are his 'favorites'.  We have our little monkey see monkey do expert following every footstep of his big bro, and Hayden has picked up on having favorites.  I think he told us the other day that his favorite color was blue.  His favorite toys are currently: Doc & Mater (given by Grammy).

I tell you what just makes you laugh: lunch with Grandpa & a french fry up your nose.  Or possibly James' funny joke, "fonaut!!"  "is that so funnY??  Yes, James is making up his own words and using them interchangeably as person, place or thing.  Including: names for his racecars, a kind of ice cream & location where to purchase it, a punch line, new letter in the ABCs when sung silly style, and anything else his heart desires.  I actually think it sort of sounds like 'fondant' the icing. haha.

these are the cool kids, I'm telling ya.

Our summer has been filled with afternoon rainstorms which keep us home & inside more than you'd think.  But, I'm grateful for them- they make movie time & nap time for fun.  They keep us from having to water our grass as much or fill our pool.  I think the only downside for me is they make our sandbox wet, haha.

Can I just say that this boy walking down St. George Street in St. Augustine is the cutest thing ever.  Check our that swag as he's holding daddy's hand & got the other in his pocket.  This boy.

We made a little trip to the Pirate museum in St. Augustine for fun & to get excited for Hayden's 2nd birthday party coming up.  Captain Hayden will turn 2 in just a couple of days, and I am amazed.

Yes, this is the same sticker.  Yes, he wore it to bed after transferring it from his clothes.  Yes, these silly faces & wild hair are exactly how I picture my goofy guy in my mind.

 We did have to tame the hair though, for the boys' Dedication at church & Hayden's birthday.  They are after they get their hair cut.  I love seeing these guys, so different, and so similar looking like little boys.

I have been going over&over in my mind about what scripture verse to use for the boys' dedication service.  It is such a privilege to be able to dedicate them all at once & in the church we have known for the past 6.5 years, almost our whole married life.  I am so looking forward to raising our boys in this body of Christ.

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