Friday, June 29, 2012

summer time cold. yikes!!

Our summer cold.  It started so innocently on Father's day... and just kept on & on & on.

We have been home bodies for just over a week.  Yikes!!  Talk about a serious bummer.  We had the runny, green noses.  running humidifiers, chest rub, nose bulb syringe.  We had sinus headaches, tissues by the stack, aches & chills.  We had bedtime calls for 'boogies mommy'.  We had lots of snuggles.

We had popsicle time outside after nap time to help get some sunshine and hoping to dry up our runny noses.

We had lots of play time inside.  Grammy called us because she hadn't seen new pictures up of the boys in a few days... yes we were still here!  just not photographable. ;-)

We stayed in our pjs all day.

We even wrapped up in blanket 'burritos' for fun.  James was so silly.  "bee-dough Daddy, bee-dough!"

Hayden got some iPad time with Daddy.  not really sure how this happened, because James usually jumps up in Daddy's lap too.

But, we made it!!  We are finally well, and so glad.  Thanks for not forgetting us.

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