Saturday, June 2, 2012

A day with Thomas & Tweetsie

Took our boys up to ride the Tweetsie railroad today and low and behold....

A day out with Thomas.  Now, we thought, that's either great luck or we are in for a crowd!  Luckily, we didn't really have to fight with too much of a crowd, and they had all kinds of activities that our little guys really enjoyed.

We followed a scavenger hunt to win a free Thomas prize, which included taking our picture with Sir Topham Hatt, participating in story time, and visiting the Thomas 'stuff zone' where they have any and all things Thomas with which to entice your children. haha, but seriously, they had a ton of Thomas stuff.  We did get our little boys a 'Day out with Thomas' commemorative train car for their train table- couldn't help ourselves.  ;-)

James and the biggest train table he's ever seen....

Hayden pulling my hair during story time and absolutely cracking up.  James wasn't amused; he was trying to hear the story about Thomas.  Mommy & Daddy are having the best time in this pic.

From the Tent with Sir Topham Hatt, Matt & James got to watch Thomas heading down the tracks before our ride at the end of the day.  I love that you can always pick James out in the pictures because of his red hair.

They have a chair lift that takes you up to where all the little kid rides are located (contradiction in terms?? considering the safety measures taken on the chair = none).  Got to catch James and Daddy while they rode up... he loved it.  Hayden & I took the walking trail, which was WAY steep and definitely was my exercise for the day.

James' first solo ride. ever.  He chose the green boat, and rang that bell the whole way around.  Mommy & Daddy were only pretty nervous... no seat belt and he wasn't supposed to stand up.  He did awesome and loved every minute of it.

James' 2nd solo ride. ever.  He chose the black plane- emphatically- and thankfully did have a seat belt. It was a faster ride- which actually raised up.  Mommy & Daddy were only pretty, sort of, particularly, very nervous.  But, he did great & loved every minute of it.

After all that excitement, anybody would say that an ice cream cone would be the ideal snack.  And, anybody would chose this as the ideal location.  Did I mention that it was a high of 66 degrees with a nice cool breeze? wow, for a final hoorah, Spring, you out did yourself.

Had to take a ride on the carrousel on our way to ride the train with Thomas.

Getting excited.  playing in a wagon.  giving Hayden hugs.  playing chase.

Watching Thomas come down the tracks.

Hayden got to ride with Daddy.  This boy has to fight for his Daddy time... ;-)

Mommy got to ride with James!  This little guy had such a great ride- but caught a cinder in his eye.  He was so brave- got most of it out on the train and sat the rest of the way back so sweet in my lap while I held my hand over his eye so he wouldn't rub it.  Took him to first aid and wouldn't you know it, he let the nurse swab out his eye lid  with a q-tip and put in eye drops.  Didn't even cry.  Such a trooper.  Thomas was totally worth it.

James & Hayden were asleep before we even got the car started & pulled out of the parking lot.  What a fun day together- we love Boone/Blowing Rock and love the mountains.  Gorgeous weather and big mountains.  And best part: James, "look at that Mommy, mountains Mommy, look at that!"  Boys you were a joy today.

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