Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hello, July!

Welcome July.  Happy 6 years to my awesome husband.  Welcome new hair cut!  Hello 106 degree summer.  Hello change, feels like our life is pretty full of it right now.

Hello naked boy & half naked baby.  Don't mind us, we just have lots of bodily functions going on at our house.  Some days I can be overwhelmed by the never-ending-mess, but I'm so glad that the Lord is teaching me how to be grateful for the time with my boys- not matter how much poop is involved.

Hayden hanging out, getting tall.  Look at those legs!!  Can't ever see these growth spurts coming, but boy sometimes I turn around and wow- seems like he's just stretched right out.

This guy didn't even want to have his popsicle in his mesh-bag-holder anymore. nope. he wants to hold the popsicle himself!!  (ps. love this cute cute face.  these eyebrows just make me melt)

mr. independent.  I love watching him chase his brother around, but seeing him out on his own playing trains is so sweet.  working on the 1st birthday plans little guy... celebrating you is going to be

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