Friday, June 1, 2012

a little crazy...

A little crazy everyday life.  

This is one of the funniest pictures I've taken of James lately:  already embarrassed to eat with mom & dad.

a little morning engineering... this photo in motion captures the constant state that James exists in.

Coloring his Thomas coloring book.  You can't tell, but I too am wearing a train conductor hat and bandana...

Little miss Anna Kate playing patty-cake with Hayden.  one word: smitten.  :-)

one big cardboard box = one big time.

 a trip to the grocery store went from 'we can do this' ... to ... 'this is fun'.  Ah, the grocery store race car cart.

my Mom's new favorite picture of Hayden.  seriously though, look at big bro driving one hand on hte wheel with his elbow our the window.... wow, so funny.  James says that often these days when he's announcing his feelings: "that's funny Mommy" "James laughing..." (which is much more pleasant than, "James is sad, James is crying"!)

Crazy, everyday. love.

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