Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We got to make some fun crafts to celebrate Father's day with Matt (as well as our Dads).  Anyone who knows me can tell you that I'm not a super crafty person- easily stressed out by creative environments- overly concerned with visions of grandeur- usually disappointed.  This particular adventure was starting out poorly because my son is apparently a lot like me.  Not that interested in painting, yes I"m serious.  I even tried to show him that he could finger paint (yikes!) but he wasn't interested.  I was surprised.

Change of plan: got with it.  I was totally freed up by the release of my own expectations for what I could create, and James had more fun as well (it's always more fun when Mommy isn't stressing out).  James painted. I outlined. Hayden contributed his foot. (and the awesome staff at Bisque and Beads did the writing on the cup- yes, stress relief!).  THAT is was I call teamwork.

I was very happy with our results.  memories were made; little hands & feet were captured in time; loved ones were celebrated; joy was given/received/shared.

I am so grateful for my boys' daddy.  Happy Father's day.

Thank you pinterest for always giving me just enough inspiration to confidently pursue a craft.  I am not the creative mind behind the concept, but I was pretty proud of my results.

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