Monday, June 11, 2012


We have been excited for the day that our boys will be playmates- isn't that the best part of growing up with siblings close in age??  For those of us who had that, we know that every now and then in the game of life mommy has to call 'foul'...

Check out this nice little hip check.

But more often than not, they are sweet.  (I'm sure there will be plenty more 'fouls' to come)

Check out these little fellas and some 'tunnel time'

I love this.

best effort to date of mommy-initiated-boys-together-photo

"mommy play outsiiide!! mommy, wanna play outsiiiide...."

little bro riding big bro's bike- balanced all by himself! little feet are my favorite part, oh and that he honked the horn with his mouth.  yes sir.  that was the crowing glory, haha.  ;-)

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