Friday, June 1, 2012

April showers bring May flowers...

What do May flowers bring?  June. haha. (or if you'd rather, the correct answer is pilgrims.  We are proved, on the books descendants of the Mayflower you know... John Alden what what)

Some times the days just slip away without the reflection that's due.  Days with a full mind & days with a full to-do-list & days with a dirty house & just days.

Swing time at the park & a dinner date to Cabo Fish Taco = fresh air & fresh perspective.  Quiet for the mind + time together for just fun.

So thankful for my boys.  My fellas are blessings- and I can choose gratitude vs. frustration.  any day & every day.

As the days rush past, I'm so happy to re-live these days through my blog = my family scrapbook.  I will savor these photos of my guys.  sweetness.  joy.  worth sacrificing for & worth putting myself last. every time.

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