Friday, June 29, 2012

Hayden is 11 months old- wow!

My little guy is getting so big.  He seems to have hit quite the growth spurt, and I can't wait to see how big he is when he visits the dr. next time.  We have our suspicions that he may be close to 30 in (wow) and I'm sure over 20 pounds.  I love watching him grow.  

What a ham.  This fella is the happiest, goofiest, guy around.  I just love him to death.  We like to read stories together, he loves to give big kisses and wrap his little arms around my neck in baby hugs.  He doesn't love sleep as much as I would hope, but he may just not need as much as his bro did at this age. I love it when he spoils me and sleeps in past 7 am!!

Can't believe he's swinging in the big swing.  Both Hayden & James just look so tall to me in these pictures!

holding hands.  sliding together.  such a gift to see them enjoying each other.  Hayden loves to tackle James.  He will follow James from room to room, through the tunnel in James' room, in and out of the playroom, all over the house.  This guy has rarely gone out on his own thus far.  every now and then he surprises me!

Hayden, you can take your time learning to walk.  ;-)  no rush from mommy.  He walks now pretty well with his woodpecker walker.  He will hold my hands and walk, and he cruises all over the furniture, object to object, and is getting really fast going around the train table chasing trains with James.  hilarious.

Getting so excited for your 1st birthday Hayden.  Mommy is having so much fun planning your 'hungry caterpillar' birthday party and making the decorations myself!  definitely a labor of love, because my efforts are far from perfect, but oh, how I'm learning to treasure the efforts and just to go for it!!  (how bad could it really be, right?? haha)

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