Sunday, June 10, 2012

June bugs.

Ready to ride.... "open gate Mommy, ride bike Mommy..." my little road warrior with his shoes on the wrong feet. love.him.

James: "James sit by Daddy... James sit by Hayden."  such a goofy guss.  He normally sits on the end of the table so Matt and I can both reach him and Hayden is at the caddy corner- he essentially always sits by Daddy & Hayden but not as close as he would like. haha

Farmer's Market fresh: sunflowers & napkin basket for the table.  Mom, I had to follow suit.  We need too many napkins at every meal, haha.

My boys riding in the wagon.  I love it when James runs for his shoes and says... "play outside Mommy, play outside..." "Hayden ride too Mommy, Hayden ride too"

Hayden you crack me up.  (no child was hurt in the taking of this photograph) "How do you drive this thing??"

James jumped ship to sit in the adirondack chair.  Hayden was happy to wait on him.  love these two & how silly/goofy/unpredictable/fun/crazy/sweet they are.  My little June bugs.

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