Saturday, June 16, 2012

Popsicles with Daddy.

Popsicles with Daddy.  so precious.  absolutely sweet to see our boys sitting with Daddy having popsicles.  couldn't believe our little guys were so still.  Daddy we are so thankful for you.  for all your time.  for all your attention.  for all your patience & love & kindness.  for all you are able to teach.  Happy Father's day.  A great father is one who faces the difficult and the stress and the strain & finds love and compassion for his boys.  we are so thankful for YOU.  

Your little guys are so blessed to have you in their life.  and so am I.

And they love you.  and so do I.  ;-)

Happy Father's day.  I'm grateful for all that has been given to me by my father & his father & my mother's father.  I'm grateful for all that has been given to my husband by his father & his father's father & his mother's father.  How amazing- a heritage of love to pass on to our boys.  true blessing.  grace.

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