Wednesday, May 16, 2012

happy mother's day

oooo Mother's Day this year was such a sweet time for me.  I am happy to have been looking at the day as a celebration of what I've been given- as a chance to be thankful & grateful & just enjoy the beautiful view from where I sit.  I was able to bless my Mom & my mom-in-law with a little 1000 Gifts 'Joy in a box' gift in the mail- whew the boys were such big helpers getting that accomplished all in one day!  Wish I had been able to snap a picture of the finished product, but it.was.sweet.

Loved some fresh flowers, and some sweet little birdies.

James picked out these 'Mickey cookies' at the grocery store and I couldn't say no.  haha.  We had a few of these in the oven for a few days in a row...

Best part of my mother's day: Matt took the boys and I up to the Inn at Biltmore for their Mother's Day brunch.  The view out over the landscape was the best part, but the food was a seriously close second.  and it was an awesome view.

My two little guys were all over the buffet.  Hayden's favorite pick: waffles.  I think he ate 3 mini waffles.  James' favorite pick: mini chocolate silk pie.  oooooo

balcony view.

rainy day beauty.

After lunch, we packed up our fellas and put on our rain coats to go to the petting zoo just down the hill.  James got to break in his Christmas gift from Mimi & Grandpa Prose = Pirate rain gear.  Jacket, boots, and umbrella.  It took us a while to walk up to the petting zoo 'cause this guy was having too much fun in the rain.

We just hung out and played with the 'kids'.  They were so cute and funny.  Hayden just enjoyed his comfy spot in the stroller and he & I were happy to be dry under the big umbrella.  Daddy chased James and the kids around the barn yard.  To hear James ordering those goats around: 'get down!' off the barrels, 'out' & 'over here' to the goats who were trying to get in cozy with the horse.  fun.

Loved spending the day with my boys- so glad I get to be their mommy.  Thanks for a wonderful day- my sweet husband picked out a special memento for Hayden to give me for our 1st mother's day together.  Such a sweet gift for the romantic heart of mine.  And, he took me shopping on our way home (had to exchange a defective something, but hey, they had at least one more thing I liked. ;-)  All in all, blessed day. 

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